Thursday, April 21, 2011


Two months since my last post. Of course now i'm here, playing around, ready for pics, to upload tons of them. Heheheheh. Camera's battery so low it can't even turn the poor thing on ..... Let's feed poor Nikon ....
Life's a rollercoaster. Fun and scaring. Amazingly fast. It makes you regret every second of it while you're running down faster than light. It makes you fear what might come while the cart is climbing the top of the rail. But after all, you realize you loved it so much you would do everything again in a blink of an eye.

.... We're about hitting the road again .... shhh ..... destination unknown (so far ) .... time of departure uncertain (yet) ....
..... We got a bigger caravan .... shhhhh ..... Can't believe it myself !! ( !!!!SHHHHH!!!!! )

Love you all !!