Sunday, June 12, 2011


Very very late.
So many things to do.
A new adventure.
We're hitting the road again,tomorrow we're gonna leave, in our brand new old RV.
We'll drop south to say goodbyes to granny then all the way north, again.
We know the road, the places,the views.
A difference.
We got no plan this time.
We might stop somewhere.
We might come back.
We might do whatever it is in between.
It's not in our hands.
It's not up to us.
.....whatever will be, will be the best for us.
Since last april we've been living a nomadic life.
3 months in Finland
3 weeks in Rome
3 months on the road
( and 12000 km )
2 months in Rome
7 months in Tuscany
We might be considered reckless.
Well, we're all this :)
and even more.
Happy to live fully.

See you soon !!!!!!