Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Milla's birthday and much more ....

Yesterday my little girl turned six. I'm sure i don't have to add anything else. It's my fault. I blinked, Gotta admit it. I blinked and she grew in the right moment my eyes were closed. Because really, REALLY !! , it was just yesterday ( and not six years ago ) that she was born laughing. Laughing, you read it right. Not just smiling. But a laugh eh eh eh . Doctors kept saying ' She is laughing' and she was on my chest, and i was watching her, and she was smiling and then laughing. What a great way to enter this world. What a precious priceless gift from above. Jesus must love me so much.

Before breakfast Milla opened her brothers and sister presents

Gaia's present

Seba's present

Leo's present

My aunts called to wish her Happy Birthday

Mom, Gaia and Seba baked the cake

Grandma wishes

Blowing candles


After dinner we put some music on and the kids danced on the chairs, it's been a blast

And the day before we had an appetizer of the celebration  .....

Crazy brothers in Santa's clothes ( we're making boxes for the ove and we find odd things everyday, don't you love moving )

Funny trio

Almost six :)

We had so much fun.

p.s. Do you like the felt crown ? I did it while homeschooling day before yesterday, i'll make another one and we're gonna let the birthday person to wear it all day long ( yes she had it on even when we went having lunch out !! )

I hope everybody is fine. Your notes and comments are always welcome !


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our recordman

Leo is our recordman. He has lost the third tooth in few days. His smile is hilarious and his crazyness is over the top now :) I love him to pieces, i still can't believe how lucky i am to be his mother.

And well, since i'm here some funny pic from today. Today we had a wedding.

Man and wife ...
mmm... not sure about the other two, Leo had a shotgun and Gaia was laughing madly ...
Crazy sisters

 Oh ok, since i'm here now and i've missed so much posting pics and odd stuff i'll steal 5 more minutes to the serious things ....

Valentine day

The funny lollipop butterfly was taken from a website, but right nio i can't find it back. I'll add the details as soon as i can find it back ( sorry ! )

Time to go now.

I hope you all got a lovely week so far and an even better rest of the week.
Isn't life such a great and precious thing ?

Homeschooling Interview

My dear blog-friend Sybille asked me for an interview about homeschooling in her blog, she is one of the few homeschooling fellows here in Italy, one of her sons, Sandro, is the ''mail-pal'' of my oldest doughter Gaia. So today she posted my interview kinda exciting isn't it. so Here it is.
The interview is in Italian and German, but if my memory serves me right she has a translator on her page.
Thank you so much Sybille i hope my experience can be of some help for other families interested in the homeschooling journey :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Amazing grace

I still have tons of pics of the latest weeks of share. All of them saved in my blog folder. I was supposed to share some of my knitting\crocheting\valentine efforts tonight. But yesterday i came across the story of this amazing young man, and i thought to share one of the many videos i found online. I showed it also to the kids and translated it for them. So so inspiring.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow pics ( finally ! )

My Italian friends know how unusual it is for us living around Rome to have snow. The last time we got enough snow to at least play for a while with it, it was 6th january 1985 if my memory serves me right. I was 9 years old, same age my oldest doughter now. It was quite a while ago. This makes snow something so highly exciting. For those who still don't know, we have sold our house and we'll be moving in two short months. I told my husband the other week, of course jokingly, that my only regret was to have never seen snow here, in our garden. SomeOne was most probably listening to me. It's like if He said ' Now you can go with no regret at all'. I know everything will be fine for us. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy the pics :)

Our friendship lemontree under the snow, this is incredible

It was barely 7:00 am when I rushed in the kids rooms ' Wake up kids it is snowing !! ' and they grabbed a jacket and over their nightsuit and run outside, not fully awake and unable to understand if the snow was in a dream or in real life.
Just the day before, during our homeschool time the kids 'argued' with Leo. He said that he had asked Jesus to send snow for them to play. Gaia, in her rational period, told him that in her opinion it wasn't enought to just ask Him, it should have been colder, and it was not.
The very next morning temperature was at - 5 °C and it was snowing.
And Leo said proudly ' You see, it is enough to ask Jesus, He will listen to us'
You're so right darling !

Our rosmery bush under the snow

The parking lot outside

Our driveway

Playing !!!

Our neighbour fence

The small palm-tree in our garden covered in snow

Snow man

And it snowed, and snowed

The acacia tree in our garden, it is in blossom already, it was quite a view

Ready to go for a walk in the neighbourhood to play with friends. The brought along buckets to collect more snow  to play :)))))

Just for you to say, saturday morning we had just a few spot of snow in our garden, and today everything is green as if it never happened. Amazing !

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow !!!!!

Do i have to tell more ?
Do i have to tell more then it was since 1985 that we didn't get a real snow here ?
Do i have to tell more to make you understand our joy this morning that lead us outside at 7:00 !!! to play in the snow ?

Tons of pics will follow during the weekend !!!

Snowy love love love to everybody out there !

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy busy busy ... and not only

Just a quick note, i've not fallen from the planet, but beside being a very busy period, closing a long and hard season of our lives, nowadays i have to share the laptop with the children, and this makes my online time practically non-existent. I have tons of pictures to share, we have accomplished quite a lot lately, hopefully next week i'll find sometime for this poor blog.

For the moment, just a little something

This has been the last view we had of Helsinki.
It was taken from the ship for Germany, the most bitter and tearful trip we've ever made.

Gaia lost a tooth that very same day. She was so serene at that time. Her smile is so precious. The last two years put a heavy load on her young shoulder. Hopefully we'll see again that same view from a ship taking us back in the place where my doughter's smile stayed for the last two years :)

See you soon dear people !