Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple,sweet life ....

Life can be such a sweet thing, even at its hardest. Sometimes it's just a matter of watching it from the right perspective. From the ''society'' point of view our life now is probably at its lowest, but instead I'm in peace. And in this peace I can take all the time to enjoy and give thanks for the many many wonders of my everyday living.
Today was a busy day. We had our first time as sellers at the flea-market. We had a dentist appontment for Seba ... and Seba himself lost a tooth today !!!

So beautiful !!

Then i wanted to share some pics i took on sunday. We went to this beach in Helsinki 'Lauttasari'. Much different from what we consider 'beach' but a very beautiful place with a gorgeous nature. I hope you'll enjoy the view as much as I did :)

And now look this ....

........So so so beautiful !
 I couldn't stop looking at them, and the parents ! How caring, they cared for the four little ones with such love. Such a beautiful family, many humans could probably learn a thing or two watching them, what do you think ?

And finally, even if we've been here only for two month, and we only have a very very small balcony,and the climate here is much colder then what we know and are used ... I was missing too much my vegetable garden !! So we bought vases and planted this and that ... and yesterday I harvested salad and .... bieta
(Sorry I really don't know the name of it in english !! )

I really wish all of you who read this to find the same peace and joy I am enjoying now.
Life it's not always simple. And life sometimes take us around in places we thought we would have never visited. Through less travelled road or crowded ones.
Someone is lovingly taking care of us.
All of us.

Let's enjoy this wonderful journey

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here in Finland this is the Midsummer weekend. Shops are closed. People head out to their country houses. From our point of view it's just a very lonely weekend with no family, or relatives or friends.
Yesterday morning the kids grabbed their tools and we went to the nearby park so that they could 'work wood', something they greatly enjoy.

In the park we found two more families. A couple with their two young children, our next door neighbours, and their guests, and a very young and loving couple with this little boy.
After a while mom and little boy went away, and the father sat just behind us. I was busy knitting and watching and chatting with the kids, so I didn't really pay attention to him, until he came to us and without a word gave each of the kids a little origami animal, smiled very big, and went away without a word.

Aren't they precious ?
This random act of kindness from a stranger just was the best thing that could have happened to us.
 An angel sent to cheer us up, to remind us that we are loved.
How beautiful is this.

Beside this, I really have to hurry up and finish my diary of the journey that led us here. Because in less then a month we're leaving again. And me and the kids we'll be parted again from papaF for a while.
We came here not sure if this would have been for good or not, and most probably this won't be our final destination. Our journey won't end here. There's so many reasons to keep going. And doors seems opening in fromt of us, so probably being faithful is the only and right thing to do now, even if this may seem complitely insane from the outside ( and often even from the inside lol ).
So on 24 of july a plane will take me and the kids back in Italy and around a couple of weeks later papaF will reach us with a ''brand new old'' little motorhome and then we'll leave for a little trip around the south of Europe, trusting that we'll be led to the right place for us to stay.
We're somehow scared of what it is in front of us, but incredibly we're also in peace. We're sure this is all for good, and our path will show in front of us while we walk.
Anyways, if you might keep us in your prayers and in your hearts in this period of our life for some more, well, this would be so much for us.

May the peace be with you all

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dedicato a papaF ( sesto giorno ) - He is back !!!

Con un pò di ritardo l'ultimo capitolo del diario di una lunga settimana.
Dopo una mattina di preparativi per accogliere papaF nel migliore dei modi, finalmente verso le 17:00 del 12 giugno, abbiamo visto la macchina arrivare e a quel punto la gioia è stata incontenibile. Siamo corsi giù brandendo i nostri piccoli regalini di benvenuto, urlando la felicità di essere di nuovo tutti insieme ...

i lavoretti fatti durante la settimana in bella mostra sopra il tavolo

Ciambelle per un merenda in grande stile ( a me non piacciono, ma tutti gli altri le adorano .... )

Ultimi riocchi

Eccolo !!!!!!

One of daddy's girls :)

Cibo !!! Cibo dall'Italia !! Yummmmm !

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today is one of those big days every family has. Today we celebrated the 8th birthday of my twin boys !!!
Can you believe that, eight years ago I was trying to recover from a not-so-good c-section and trying to cope with the fact of having two tiny baby boys, the smaller one only little more than two kilos. Coping with incubators and jaundice (?) and loss of weight and all kind of difficulties nursing, while having my beloved Gaia, only two at the time, waiting for her mom at home. And now two healthy young men delight all of us with their presence. I can't even find the words to express how grateful i am for all the blessings i've been given. Really. So much love. So much love :)

Leo !

Talking with grandma

Seba talking with grandma

Seba with his best dress ready to celebrate
Gaia with her new red shirt ( Isn't she beautiful ?)

Leo dressed for the day

Milla the praierie girl

Playing with this huge tic-tac-toe we bought on sale for only 1,50 euros !!
This beautiful Cadillac was just outside the restaurant where we ate
Gaia organized a treasure hunt for her brothers and sister, she is so very lovely, she will be such a good mother, I'm sure.

Leo is unwrapping his last gift, with his eyes closed to have a better surprise

Garden tools !!!! Leo's been so happy !!

And then the cake !!! I did it, not my best but here we don't have the usual ingredients, anyways the boys have been pretty happy about it.

Happy birthday my sons !!!

And to finish the celebrations, look what happened yesterday .....

Seba lost his third tooth !!!

It's very late now, i really have to go. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends around the world.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dedicato papaF ( quinto giorno )

Venerdì è passato. Domani ci rivedremo. La settimana tutto sommato non è trascorsa male. Anche i momenti di tensione non sono stati tanti e non così tragici da rovinare l'atmosfera. Certo in ogni momento sapevamo che mancava qualcuno di noi, che c'era un vuoto, che avevamo la necessità di prendere nota mentale, fotografica o scritta di questo o quel dettaglio per essere sicuri di raccontartelo senza omettere nulla.
E sicuramente questa settimana è servita anche a fare ulteriore ordine nelle nostre priorità. Io oggi mi sono ritrovata a sorridere guardando i bambini mentre mangiavamo fuori o sedevamo sul tram solo per il fatto che ero lì con loro. Ho, abbiamo , quattro figli. Voglio godermeli. Voglio passare tempo con loro. Amarli incondizionatamente e farli partecipi della mia vita ed io essere partecipe della loro. Voglio insegnargli quello che sono, ed imparare con loro quello che non so. Mi piace stare con loro. Mi piace essere madre. Anzi no. AMO essere madre. Avere una famiglia. Occuparmi di voi. Vabbè straparlo. Troppi zuccheri per la serata 'schifezze' organizzata da Gaia :) lascio spazio alle immagini.
A domani.

Mentre eravamo sul tram per andare in centro abbiamo visto dei bellissimi poliziotti a cavallo, la foto non è delle migliori ( eravamo nel tram in movimento e quendo usciamo non porto la Nikon ma la 'Hello Kitty' :) ) ma sul marciapiede dietro la macchina gialla si intravedono i cavalli.

E qui qualche foto da Hesburger

( lo scivolo, opera prima di Gaia :)) )

Ciao papi ...

Ed ora qualche foto di questo pomeriggio piovoso, ozioso e casalingo

Ancora lavoretti

TV ( si c'è un caos non indifferente )

Angolo schifezze numero uno :))

Angolo schifezze numero due :))

Giochi serali

Non vedo l'ora che arrivi domani pomeriggio !

Tomorrow my dear husband will be back !!
We can't wait for him to be here with us !