Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's resolutions

This blog has been on hold for the great part of this year 2010. Many things happened,life brought us here and there, most probably will keep doing so for some more time.

Among my wish for the new year is to bring this poor and neglected blog of mine to a new life as well. I will try to write often and more often, and make it a real journal of our family life, as it was intended when I begun.
I hope I'm gonna make it.
And no, of course this is not my only resolution ... the most serious ones are stored in my heart.

I want to wish all my friends a very very happy end of this year and a New blessed wonderful Year 2011 with you dear ones.

Happy New Year,
with all

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas is getting closer .....


Unfortunately i can't figure out how to show this one  ....

.... food for thoughts ...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Treasures ...

Life keeps rolling with its high and low here in grandma place . I try to live our life as normal and happy as possible even if the circumstances are not the best. Sometime I succeed. Sometimes not much. But I always always try to keep in mind in which Hands we are and I make all the effort to put a smile on my face and do my job : love, serve, nurture my wonderful family .
Yesterday we found out this little bookstore. It sells only old books, both new and used ones. Call it the homeschool-heaven. We came out with two very full  and heavy bags and a very light bill ( 35 euros !!! ).
Here the kids books :

the most amazing thing is that the kids chose a lot of *school books* as their treat for the day.
I'm sure all the homeschooler can well understand what a great pleasure is when for the kids doing
 school works it's a fun way to spend time.

Then today we did some Christmassy stuff. We all love so much cut and glue and create. And we lov it even more if we're all together around the table ...

scissors , glue, coloured cardboards , what else could we ask more ?




Leo's soldier

Gaia's card

Seba's sky

Mom and Milla's works

Seba's invention

Mom's snowflakes ( I looooove them !!! )

Anybody is missing Tappo ......

Eating an apple from Gaia's hands. We love him so much. He is so sweet.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Too long ....

... such a long story can't be made short in anyway. So I will jump to the end. At the moment we're in Italy. We're guests at my mom's place. Yes it is hard. Yes we miss being on the road. Yes I hope i will never hurt my own children as my mother does with me on daily basis. Yes I wish they will never feel so sad and alone because of me. But YES. YES. We're together. Yes we love each other even more. We're close, even more. We're homeschooling ( with Clonlara school home based program if you're interested please feel free to ask ). We're not sure what the Lord has in store for us, but we fully trust Him, and in this way we can keep living our life with joy and not feeling lost. Faith it's a great thing.

Here some updated pic. Did you miss them ?

TADAAAH ! Milla lost her first tooth on october the 2nd, in Finland. She is growing. And I love love her.

We even enjoyed a tiny bit of almost snow on october 14.
We were camping in Helsinki at that time.

Sleeping at granma. She is so beautiful and peaceful.

Seba's got haircut....

...... and Leo's too

Halloween treasure hunt .....

..... treasure !!!!

Our usual Halloween's dinner

..... and cookies

Seba has learned to knit

Here today. Experiments with the scale.

And fractions

And then putting into practice mesuring with the scale.
Seba is cooking desserts ( yes, two of them ! )

Chocolate salami


Life it is so strange. It is a rollercoaster. It is scaring. It is wonderful. I love my life so much and I'm so so grateful with the Lord, for what He has granted me.

Shalom !

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ten Thousend Kilometers

Pay a visit there if you please. I'd love if you could find the time.

dear friends.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leaving Finland

I never had the chance so far to write and post pictures about our last day in Finland. Oh I was so so nervous, for the first time I had to fly with the kids alone, without papaF support and company and help. But praise the Lord, everything went smoothly and along with the kids we had a lot of fun in the plane even if we entered several storms during the fly ( the kids laughed so hard thinking it was so similar to a rollercoaster ride !! )

Gaia's flowers ( unfortunately we had to leave them in the rental home )

Milla was the happier, everybody else was quite worried about what it had to come.
I've been so blessed by her happy heart

PapaF, he was a bit sad we had to say goodbye once again

Milla's Amish doll in the backpack

In front of the car. We haven't seen the car since then. PapaF left it at a friend's place and came to pick us up already in the motorhome.

It seems a life ago. It was 2 months and half ago. It was 10000 km ( yes, ten thousend kilometres ) ago. It was the beginning of a very long and deep journey. A journey that still lasts today.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

With Love, mamaF

This blog started a couple of years ago now, as a collective journal for us and for our friends. After a while it became also a way to make new friends, and all of them are now very dear to me. To us all.
I realize some of those same dear friend might be worried now because of my silence. I'm here to apologize.
We are fine. Kids are growing, they're fantastic. We're still homeschooling, or better unschooling for months and believe it or not Milla reads and writes and do math even if she never has formal lessons. She simply love it. And ask us or her brothers and sister to teach her new things everyday. Gaia is such a lovely young woman now. She is such a great great help. Boys will be boys. Loud and funny. They're growing as well but at such a different pace then their sisters. I can say LOUDLY that I've been greatly blessed by a loving and caring God. Our journey has been much much longer then expected. Probably it will be even longer. I will write everything down at some point. I will upload the thousand of pictures I took. Tell all the exciting stories. When time and life will allow. Most probably this blog will be put on 'private' setting in the near future. Please, those who might like keep reading it just leave a comment here with your e-mail ( if I don't already have it ).
I'm not sure when I'll be back online, hopefully soon.
Thank you for your caring concern, this means a lot.

With Love,

Monday, August 23, 2010

France !!!

We're in France since yesterday !! We've been in Firenze, Bologna, then we went meeting dear Sybille ( Buntglas blog, sorry no direct link for now ! ) in Montagna and from there to Genova an then here,
Cagnes-sur-mer but about leaving in few hours.

I wanted to thank so much new and old friends who left messages, it warmed my heart, really thank you so much !! Keep the messages coming please !!

What else, again i can use internet only randomly as campings allow, and when our laptop 'feels like' ....
Keep us in our prayers and thoughts as we travel !

Shalom !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Living on the road ....

... We're safe and sound in Bologna, tomorrow we're heading north. I miss so much posting pics, this kind of writing it's not really 'mine'. But it's all I got and not even so everyday, so i'm pretty pleased about it.
Think of us. Write us if you want. I see a lot of visits and I'd love to know someone is 'travelling' with us in spirit.
Have peaceful days, all of you !

Shalom !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On the road ...

.... It seems one life ago the one made of quite blogging and downloading pics. After a very trying 10 days we hit the road 5 days ago. Not litterally, we're still camping, but we do live full time in the motorhome now. Kids find it really fun. I'm not complaining either. Living close to each other, working close to each other, LIVING each moment. The downside is the lousy internet connection and being unable to post pics, this laptop with the wireless thing it's not the one i use for storing pics so ...
Thursday we'll leave Rome area and a trip of more then 3000 km will start. And amazingly we don't know where this journey will take us.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Memories - Last day in Helsinki : minigolf ....

Ooch ! But he got luck, just a little bruised.
Anyways we had fun.

May the peace be with you all dear friend.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers if you feel like.
Drop me a note or an e-mail if you have time, it would make me so happy

Memories - Tractors exibition Hyvinka

When we went to the steam train museum we've been told on july 17 there would have been an old tractors and cars exibition. So on saturday we woke up early, thrilled for this new adventure. And again we had a lot of fun.

The first car we saw, so small Milla could drive it

It had a front door and sweet 'eyes' lol

Showing their tickets .....

For this miniature but perfectly functioning steam train !!!!!
Lovely and amazing !

We had so much fun Mom !!!!

This was the other miniature train, an electrical one.

Seba was complaining because he wanted a snack. Right away ! :)

This one was one of our favourites

One more ride before leaving

Tractors parade

This was such fun to watch

The little one :) I would have loved to see the driving getting inside.

We so much loved this one and started dreaming someday to have something similar too.
The family was dressed in oldfashoned clothes, mother barefoot, with a long skirt, plain shirt and apron, and he wore boots, suspenders and a plain shirt. Actually i was dressed a lot like her :)
Who knows ...
I have faith.