Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's go for a walk

Hello all. We're overly busy here. We'll leave in 19 days. Just today, with the help of my blog-soon-face-to-face-friend Sybille I have finished all the reservations in all the different cities of our journey. So far : Florence,Bolzano,Neurmberg (?sp),Jena,Berlino,Rostock,Travemunde ... wow ... Can't wait to hit the road, can't wait to ship for Helsinki and arrive there, can wait to see what the future hold for us ! It's so exciting !

Yesterday my blog friend Michela gave me this blog award

She has been so sweet, unfortunately at the moment i don't have the time to fullfill all my duties, but i will list 10 things that makes me happy :

1 God always loves me and protects me
2 I have a wonderful family
3 I love my children
4 We're all healthy
5 We have so much fun together
6 We have a lovely rabbit : Tappo
7 Reading makes me happy
8 Crocheting makes me happy
9 Knitting makes me happy
10 So many things makes me happy that I really can't write the last thing :) ! I'm so very blessed !!!!

I promise I'll try to pass this award as soon as possible, but can you believe I don't have time to think\chose\link\message my dear friends !

Well a fast update about us beside the get-ready stuff. Today we have taken Tappo having a walk in the garden with his brand new leash ! We bought the leash to allow him some free time during the journey, He is not used to stay closed in a cage for long, he's often free at home, so we thought to train him with a small leash to take him for short walks with no risk. Tomorrow we're also taking him to the vet for a check-up, we're not sure if we need any document for him, so we better have a vet state that he is in good health.
Here some pic of our walk


Seba,Gaia and Tappo

Yummi grass

Beautiful !!

His little white tail is so funny

Smelling daisies

Gaia and Tappo '' who are you ? ''

To finish, here a pic Milla asked me to take:

Gaia chose the outfit for her, and she even let me comb her hair in two pigtails. She was lovely ... and she knew it ! And asked me to take a pic :)))

Well better go, so much to do.

Have a blessed week, stay well and stay happy and try not to worry for tomorrow, something beautiful is going to happen, i'm sure :)


Monday, March 22, 2010


In the busyness of getting ready to move in short 27 days ( truck will arrive 19 april at 9:00 a.m. !!!! ) we still find the time for some sweet moment and spring projects. In acceptance lies peace, i read once, and i find it more true every day. I accept ( or do my best to ) what future holds, what has been written in book and this helps me get rid of worries and enjoy the ride, even if it's a tiring ride from time to time. Here some pic of Seba and Tappo. He loves him so dearly. How special it is to see our children love another being. Oh such a special blessing isn't it ?

So special and sweet

And here a little project of mine to celebrate spring. I found the tutorial in Lucy's lovely and colourful blog

Isn't it lovely ! A bit different from the original but still nice and i crocheted it while on the road to Firenze ( ok not while traveling, it makes me sick to crochet or read when the car goes but in every spare moment or toilet-stop along the way lol )

Well time to get some more burocratic\moving\organizing e-mail sorted.

Sweet night dear people out there :)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're back

So our three days trip to Firenze went quite well. We went mostly to meet our friends and celebrate the selling of our house just to find out an even bigger surprise to celebrate : they're waiting for a second child :) ! The most wonderful news on earth isn't it ? Anyways befor sharing some detail of our weekend, some pic of the fun we had with our neighbour thursday night. He has a small boat and his emergency equipment was expired and he had to change it. So he offered to use all the lights and 'rockets' and stuff to have fun with the kids. And of course we immediately accepted :)

Then friday was father's day, so before leaving we got out our homemade present for papaF along with a plate of cookies spread with chocolate cream and his morning tea

We made a 'candies'tree' with his favourite candies and bubble-gums and little chocolate eggs. The kids got the idea and i helped them with cutting and shaping the cardboard and putting together the box from
Then the same morning we got another surprise : Gaia lost a premolar tooth !! I couldn't believe it ! And she already has the new one growing !!

And then finally we left ...
We have slept in this beautiful bed and breakfast ' Poggiolo delle rose ' , so comfortable and beautiful with a huge garden outside where the kids had a blast in the rare moments we've been there and not with our friends

Gaia and Seba

Leo and Seba having a 'men's talk' ( over the doorbell lol )
Leo didn't want me to take his pic, but actually i love the way the pic came just because he has turned away.

Milla, Gaia and Seba

Milla and Gaia crazy sisters

Jumping down

Following big brother footsteps

The saturday morning before heading to our friends place we visited the Certosa ,
such a beautiful place, the monastery was such a spiritual place, while the monk guiding us was explaining the history of this place and about the original monks living there ' Certosini ', those monks had the vow of silence, they could talk with each other only one hour a week, the recreational hour. All their time was spent in solitude, preying and working. A lot of people there said it was such a sad life, but i don't think so. Of course it's not a life for everybody, but i think that nowadays we're so afraid of silence, of being unnoticed, to lead a serving life that we can't even conceive to live so. But i'm sure that if you are made to lead such a spiritual life, then it can be as full and fullfilling then any other life, and probably we all could learn something about step back and try to be more simple, more quiet, more dedicated to our daily duties and serving our family and friends and find joy in this more then in the acknowledgements and praises of others.
I'm sure Jesus can be of great company and comfort if you have Him as a dear friend in daily life.

The view from the Certosa's 'yard'

The vault of the church - so beautiful

A glass window

The inner courtyard with the monks' cemetery : can you sense the peace ?

And what about Firenze ? Well we only saw Firenze from 'piazzale Michelangelo'
Since we're leaving in 4 weeks we decided it was far more important to us to spend time with our friends, Firenze will always be there, this weekend was made to celebrate :) But still we could have at least a glimpse of the beauty of this city. As you see the weather has been very cloudy and grey all the time, but at least it has not rained

It has been a beautiful three days, filled with laughter and surprises.

I wish all of you a beautiful week dear friends.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little trip

Tomorrow morning we'll leave for Firenze ( Florence) to meet a friend of ours. We'll stay there until sunday. We're pretty excited, for many reasons in the last two years we hardly got out from home, while we were used to have this unexpected trips. Tomorrow here it's father's day, with the kids we made a nice little present, I can't wait to put it on the table tomorrow morning. No telling what it is, he might read ;).
What else. We had a lot of fun tonight with our neighbour, we're the 'bad kids on the block' lol. The children couldn't believe also adults misbihave. Pics next week, i forgot my camera upstairs and it's already way late.
Have a lovely weekend dear ones. We're gonna have :)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bird feeder and skates

Another beautiful spring day. Sun's been shining, sky's been blue and kids have played outside all day long. Ok actually they didn't play. They were at work. Called for me after a while to show me what they did: a bird feeder. My boys did it all by themselves. My big girl can knit and bake, my little one has learned how to read and write and my boys can build a lot of nice and useful things. How can that be they're so good ?
Here some pics of the feeder

There's room for seeds, water, hay for nests and wood to rest for a while. It's beautiful !

After working they spent sometime skating. The skates are just odd stuff they found in the basement while packing our stuff, so they don't properly fit them, but they don't really care and just have the plain old dear fun kids can have with whatever they find.
So they called us again for this 'exhibition'




The three of them.
( Milla was indoor playing since there are only three pairs of skates )

Never a dull moment lol


Monday, March 15, 2010

Unbuilding days

In 5 weeks our belongings will be packed in a truck that will go all the way through Europe to our new destination. Our days are devoted in packing, boxing, unbuilding and throwing away.
Today papaF started unbuilding the wooden shelter he built himeself last year to store his stuff and work during the summer. We're using the wood in our woodstove so nothing get wasted. Then we asked our neighbour if he could borrow us his ''car cart'' ( i don't have a clue which is the real name of it ) to take all the big stuff at the recycling centre. He agreed very kindly ( he'll have to go with papaF in his car since we don't have the licence or the proper equipment to pull that 'cart' ) so tomorrow a great deal of our stuff will go away. For the first time i'm only very very excited to move, to change, to get rid of all the useless stuff. I have no regret in going away. And I have faith. I know this will be such a beautiful season of our life and can't wait to see what the future will bring to us..

Unbuilding the garden cabinet. Seba is checking for spiders.

Unbuilding the wooden shelter.

Filling the cart.

While we pack the kids have fun working with the fire wood. Here they made a smiling face using screws

And more wood to work with ....

Well i can say that after homeschooling, i'm finally experiencing also unschooling. How blessed i am to have the chance to at least give it a try to all my motherly dreams. I have to keep in mind all this in hard times, when it seems that 'everything is against me' while it is not.

Have a wonderful week lovely friends and random visitors :)


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random update

As the time to leave this place gets closer, our days seems less and less structured, so update the blog is something that happens when, by pure chance like today, I succeede in getting dinner ready quite early, read a couple of stories, talk a bit and have the kids tucked in their beds by a decent hour Yeah !!!
So i thought, why don't you use some of this additional time to write a bit :)

Some days ago i heard Seba singing a lullaby downstairs. I went checking on him since i was so very curious, and i found him singing the lullaby to ... the rabbit !!! :) Tappo was enjoying it quite a bit :)

And here the four dolls dressed and finished. They love them and i'm so happy and proud :)

Milla cradles two of them in a hat :))))

March the 8th in our household is never thought as 'women's day' since it's my mother's birthday, she always jokes they made this 'women's day' to cebrate her birth indeed lol. This is the card the kids made for grandma ( yep, 4 of them, but grandma liked them )

Some close-ups of the flowers the kids picked in the garden last week. Don't you think all this yellow makes you want to smile so big :)

And here some outdoor wonders.
First one is a fennel (?) the only one i could grow in our vegetable garden, i tried every winter and every summer for the last 4 years to get fennels, and finally i could get one !!! It was so incredibly tasty, the smell was delicious and so strong you could sense it from all over the house !!
And the second one should be our cherry tree in blossom. Actually i'm not sure if it's cherries ( shame shame on me ! ) Since we bought the trees last year, but we lost the cards with the name of the tree and since we didn't get any fruit last summer, we have totally forgot which tree is what :)))
( actually we thought they were all dead, but instead they surpriesed us !! )

Well here our random update. I hope you enjoyed it lol.
We're packing as mad, but you know what ? We still can't find an apartment to rent in Helsinki !!! So in less then 5 weeks we're gonna move, but we're not sure where .
The good thing is that i've allowed myself to put all this in Higher Hands, so i can spend my days packing and enjoying the ride in this new season of our life.
Don't you love this ?

Have a wonderful happy joyful week dear friends !!!