Friday, May 14, 2010

Jena - A diary of our journey ( part five )

In the morning of 24 april we left Nurmberg and after 223 km we arrive in Jena. We arrived in the afternoon and we could already appreciate much more daylight that what we're used, so we could leave for a walk in the city centre where we've been lucky enough to find an Arts&Crafts fair. The little town was really lovely, the weather was good so after our walk we got into a mall and had dinner there before going back to the hotel. Also the hotel was really beautiful, with a nice family room with even a kitchenette that allowed us some midnight tea and toast :) We had a lot of fun and we hope we'll go back there for a longer holiday someday in the future. Here some pics :)

And here a pic of our fully packed car :)) You can see even Tappo's cage and our little lemon tree :)

Here the lovely surrounding of the hotel :)

here a pic of Seba and Milla in the mall where we ate dinner

Here the view from the hotel room. If you watch it closely you'll notice how the town is divided in two, the old part on the laft and new one on the right, amazing !

So here the old part, with the lovely houses in red bricks ...

and here the new part, modern coloured buildings :)

And here some fun in the family room we were :)
Milla and Seba relaxing and having fun in the bath tube

Feeding Tappo some apple , isn't he lovely and cute ?

And here the wonderful trees outside the hotel. My guess is they're pear trees, what do you think ?

Blessings !!

Nuremberg - A diary of our journey ( part four )

And then, on the morning of 23 april we left Montagna for the longest halt of our journey, the one that lead us out of Italy : 472 km to go through Alps and arrive in Nuremberg, Germany.
The trip went very well, we arrived in Nuremberg in the early evening, the sun was shining and we could even have a walk in the surrounding of the hotel. I didn't feel really at easy to tell the truth, I'm not used anymore to city life, and after the 4 days we spent between Firenze and Montagna where calm and warmth and friendship pampered us, it is no wonder it was kinda hard to be in this unknown city.

Here a couple of pics I took from the car during the trip :

We are indeed the children of an amazing Father. The world is so so beautiful, and it has been given us to enjoy it. We should really count our blessings, so many of them !!

And here my little ones, relaxing in the hotel after we had dinner in this 'Subway' place ( we don't have in Italy ! At least not around our old place, so this was something totally new for us :) ).
We took the laptop out and put a movie and watched it all together

As for our everyday life, we're still on the 'waiting mode' , we still haven't found the path we want to walk right now, we're waiting for guidance from up above :) and i'm sure it'll arrive.
He is in charge. It is just hard to wait and put my pride aside in the wait.
Prayers and kind thoughts are so much appreciated !


Friday, May 7, 2010

Montagna - A diary of our journey ( part three )

So on 21 april we left Firenze and travelled all the way north to arrive to Montagna, near Bolzano. We were all quite excited since we already had set a meeting for the following morning with Sybille and her wonderful family.

 That first evening we spent our time just walking around enjoying the peace and the incredible sight, such a different view from whatever we're used, mountains so high and the nature .... Also the bed&breakfast we were staying was so lovely and cozy and we enjoyed tipical food in an ancient room they let the guests use for breakfast.

This was the B&B we were staying at, isn't it beautiful.

Such wonderful flowers, Milla asked to have a pic among such beauty

And here the view, breathtaking isn't it ?

Then the next morning after breakfast we still had some minute before meeting Sybille and her family so we went visiting the church, few steps away from the gate of the B&B

And when we got out from the church, I could finally meet Sybille and Gaia could meet face to face Sandro, with whom she's been writing for so long now. They lead us on a wonderful and peaceful walk up to a restaurant owned by a really fun and nice couple with such an interesting story behind them. It has been so good to talk with Sybille and her husband, to see the kids trying to overcome the linguistic gap and play together. Such an unforgettable day.

Walking and talking and walking and talking and watching around and talking some more heheheh

The view, once again so incredible

Our table, unfortunately you can't see everybody's smiling face.

The kids found out immediately something to do, they played with the billion of bottles caps kindly handed by the owner ( he collects them for recycling pourposes)

And here the kids altogether, Sandro and Leo had a lot of fun together, both of them were quite fond of wood and sticks and tools and run and learn each other language :)

A wonderful apple tree in a flower filler field

And then it was ...playpark time ! We walked for so long, i was so surprised since my kids tend to whine a lot even for short distances, instead that day they walked and played and played some more and not even argued or fighted ! A very special day indeed !
And after that we even went visiting the famous Sandro's rabbits (or Sandro's grandad rabbits :) )
It was so exciting, some of the rabbits were so huge as we never saw them, and there were little puppies, so lovely and  cute

And then we had to say goodbye :( .
Sybille it was so so good to meet you, I'm really happy of our friendship and so happy to have also had the chance to meet you in person, it's always special to meet who's behind the screen.

Thank you so much for being part of our adventure, for welcoming us inspite the noise we usually make and our a-bit-loud-ways :)

A night view of the B&B yard the last night we've been there.

Have a wonderful day all of you dear people out there !!

Faith Joy Peace Love

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Florence\Firenze - A diary of our journey ( part two )

After the truck drove away with our stuff, we left for Firenze, to spend sometime with friends saying our goodbyes. The trip was a great pleasure, we were all very tired and welcomed the hours sitting in the car as a blessing. We stayed in Firenze one whole day ( on 20 ) and then left on 21 of april. We just took it easy, no touristic walk or anything similar, just relaxing and trying to figure out the huge step we just took.

Firenze, as you can see from piazzale Michelangelo

Having some fun :))

I might not be Michelangelo, but for sure she is one of my masterpieces.
Just eating an apple.

And what we find when we arrive at our friend's place ? Little rabbits !!!!!
So so so incredibly cute !!!!

I'm sorry I don't have much time to write in these days, I need also to send out some mails, but please forgive me, we're really really busy adjusting, and just finding out which path has been prepared for us from our loving Father.

I hope everybody is fine, and thank you so much for your comments dear friends, in this moment they are even more welcomed and cherished then usally.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

How it all began - a diary of our journey ( part one )

On 19 april, at 8:00 in the morning a huge truck was parked just outside our old place, in Italy. A life away. Thousend of kilometres away. Many days ago. All our material belongings are still in that truck, they will be hopefully happily unloaded on may the 5th. I have to say that the only really important and precious things of my life are safely with me :  husband, children, rabbit, lemon tree... But i wouldn't mind get also my other things back lol lol

Seba in front of the truck. He couldn't believe the truck was so huge and asked for a picture of him close to it :)

The truck is still empty, only the first few boxes have been loaded

And here how it looked some hourse later and 40 cubic meteres later :)

Bye bye ... it's not easy to watch all your toys travel away for what it seems an unbearable long time ( I can guess two or three weeks must be so incredibly long in the life of a young child )

Hopefully I'll find the time to write the following parts of our journey in the next days :)

Time to go get breakfast ready !

Have a lovely sunday you dear people !

Life goes on ....

Everything change, but everything is still the same, even 3500km north heheheheh

Gaia lost a tooth on our first day here, on 30th april !!

Showing the gap off ( but the new tooth is already growing as you see )

And here her teeth box, where i keep all her teeth . Here the box is left for the tooth fairy to look at and a cookie for her if she is hungry. Please note that Gaia left a message, and she wrote it in three languages ( Italian, english and finnish :) ) Becasue she didn't know if here there is a local fairy or if the Italian one is following us :))))))))