Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's resolutions

This blog has been on hold for the great part of this year 2010. Many things happened,life brought us here and there, most probably will keep doing so for some more time.

Among my wish for the new year is to bring this poor and neglected blog of mine to a new life as well. I will try to write often and more often, and make it a real journal of our family life, as it was intended when I begun.
I hope I'm gonna make it.
And no, of course this is not my only resolution ... the most serious ones are stored in my heart.

I want to wish all my friends a very very happy end of this year and a New blessed wonderful Year 2011 with you dear ones.

Happy New Year,
with all

1 comment:

Sybille said...

Tantissimi auguro per il 2011 a voi!!
Ah sono contenta di leggere che hai voglia di aggiornare piú spesso il tuo blog... infatti ultimamente ci stavate proprio mancando!
Che l'anno 2011 sia bello, piacevole, ricco di esperienze importanti e soprattutto di amore!