Monday, July 13, 2009


(First picture was taken on friday, the other two on saturday after we got home )

Saturday morning my heart has been aching quite a lot. Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary, we got married 11th july at 11:00 am . I've always found it a nice date. Saturday morning at 10:30 the kids were outside in the parking lot biking and Seba was running as a mad man as always. But this time he hit Milla's bike during his crazy run. Milla went face down hitting badly her forhead on the asphalt. We run and took her. She was shaking and crying and screaming, covered in blood, from her mouth, nose, hands forehead. I rushed her in the toilet and started washing her with cold water, putting ice on the forhead. She was shaking so badly i started crying in panic. I asked my husband to drive us to the hospital. Neighbours were home so Seba ( who was totally safe, a miracle ) Leo and Gaia went their place. We run to the hospital. I kept Milla in my arms, she slowly stops crying, talking, moving. I was so scared. When we arrived to the hospital there was an ambulance in front of the entrance so i got down from the car and walked to the ER. As soon as doctors saw us they rushed us in. As i put Milla down she was still, not talking, not moving not crying. Doctors were quite concerned. They were sure she had at least a broken arm and God knows what else. They took some blood and let a needle for an IV line 'just in case'. My heart sank. It was 11 o'clock.
After 5 minutes they were x-raying her arm and head. She was lying on the 'bed' of the x-ray maching, so armless, in the dark, alone. Still not crying. Not talking. After the x-rays they let us wait for a while outside. Milla looked at me and made half a smile jokin about something. Oh my God. Here she was, my Milla, my love, my life. In that very moment i knew she was fine and that i could start breathing again. That the sun could start shining again and the earth turning. For half an hour i've been so sure something tragic had happened. Instead we were witnessing a real miracle. She was totally fine. Well quite bruised and injuried, but the head was fine, the arm was fine. Around 14:00 we were on the sofa watching a movie and eating apples. Thank God. Thank God. Grazie Dio.


Sybille said...

Immagino lo spavento... a John molti anni fa era successo una cosa simile. Mamma che paura!!

Massimiliano said...

povera piccoletta! sabato sera era tutta ammaccata... però già domenica mi prendeva in giro come al solito! buon segno. come sta ora? ha tolto la fascia al polso?