Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leaving Finland

I never had the chance so far to write and post pictures about our last day in Finland. Oh I was so so nervous, for the first time I had to fly with the kids alone, without papaF support and company and help. But praise the Lord, everything went smoothly and along with the kids we had a lot of fun in the plane even if we entered several storms during the fly ( the kids laughed so hard thinking it was so similar to a rollercoaster ride !! )

Gaia's flowers ( unfortunately we had to leave them in the rental home )

Milla was the happier, everybody else was quite worried about what it had to come.
I've been so blessed by her happy heart

PapaF, he was a bit sad we had to say goodbye once again

Milla's Amish doll in the backpack

In front of the car. We haven't seen the car since then. PapaF left it at a friend's place and came to pick us up already in the motorhome.

It seems a life ago. It was 2 months and half ago. It was 10000 km ( yes, ten thousend kilometres ) ago. It was the beginning of a very long and deep journey. A journey that still lasts today.


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Pom Pom said...

What lovely photos, Flavia! Oh your journey is such a good one. What memories for the children!