Saturday, October 9, 2010

With Love, mamaF

This blog started a couple of years ago now, as a collective journal for us and for our friends. After a while it became also a way to make new friends, and all of them are now very dear to me. To us all.
I realize some of those same dear friend might be worried now because of my silence. I'm here to apologize.
We are fine. Kids are growing, they're fantastic. We're still homeschooling, or better unschooling for months and believe it or not Milla reads and writes and do math even if she never has formal lessons. She simply love it. And ask us or her brothers and sister to teach her new things everyday. Gaia is such a lovely young woman now. She is such a great great help. Boys will be boys. Loud and funny. They're growing as well but at such a different pace then their sisters. I can say LOUDLY that I've been greatly blessed by a loving and caring God. Our journey has been much much longer then expected. Probably it will be even longer. I will write everything down at some point. I will upload the thousand of pictures I took. Tell all the exciting stories. When time and life will allow. Most probably this blog will be put on 'private' setting in the near future. Please, those who might like keep reading it just leave a comment here with your e-mail ( if I don't already have it ).
I'm not sure when I'll be back online, hopefully soon.
Thank you for your caring concern, this means a lot.

With Love,


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog because I also unschool and live in Italy! I would love the priviedge of continuing to follow your adventures even though we do not technically know each other! God Bless.

Mamma e Mimma said...

Mi fa piacere che state bene e che tutto procede al meglio.Vorrei avere sempre vostre notizie,ti lascio la mia email MIKLINA.LIBERA@GMAIL.COM

Pom Pom said...

It's so nice to hear from you, dear Flavia! I'm so glad that I won't lose touch with you. Prayers!

Sybille said...

Non dimenticarti di inserire noi nell'elenco ;)
buon proseguimento!!

Elena said...

Eccovi! Ogni tanto passavo nella speranza di avere nuove notizie! Immagino quante emozioni e immagini nel cuore questo viaggio vi stia regalando. Ti lascio la mia email e spero di poter avere presto vostre

Pom Pom said...

Thank you for the invitation to climb the apple tree often. Smile. I feel sure that the Lord is moving and pouring out His great grace on your family, Flavia.