Thursday, November 11, 2010

Too long ....

... such a long story can't be made short in anyway. So I will jump to the end. At the moment we're in Italy. We're guests at my mom's place. Yes it is hard. Yes we miss being on the road. Yes I hope i will never hurt my own children as my mother does with me on daily basis. Yes I wish they will never feel so sad and alone because of me. But YES. YES. We're together. Yes we love each other even more. We're close, even more. We're homeschooling ( with Clonlara school home based program if you're interested please feel free to ask ). We're not sure what the Lord has in store for us, but we fully trust Him, and in this way we can keep living our life with joy and not feeling lost. Faith it's a great thing.

Here some updated pic. Did you miss them ?

TADAAAH ! Milla lost her first tooth on october the 2nd, in Finland. She is growing. And I love love her.

We even enjoyed a tiny bit of almost snow on october 14.
We were camping in Helsinki at that time.

Sleeping at granma. She is so beautiful and peaceful.

Seba's got haircut....

...... and Leo's too

Halloween treasure hunt .....

..... treasure !!!!

Our usual Halloween's dinner

..... and cookies

Seba has learned to knit

Here today. Experiments with the scale.

And fractions

And then putting into practice mesuring with the scale.
Seba is cooking desserts ( yes, two of them ! )

Chocolate salami


Life it is so strange. It is a rollercoaster. It is scaring. It is wonderful. I love my life so much and I'm so so grateful with the Lord, for what He has granted me.

Shalom !

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Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia!
YOU are such a good mother. You really are. You delight in your children and therefore THEY are delighted! Beautiful photos!