Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cartapesta - Papier-mache

This is so far one o the biggest project any of my kids started and carried on, even better, this is a project that TWO of them started and are working on, and I'm all for working together, so I'm twice as happy :) .

few days ago Milla and Seba asked me if they could start a papier-mache project. I of course agreed. I used to make them play a lot with papier-mache when they were younger, I used it a lot in the past and they already realized small projects for presents.
So they started with a simple mask idea but then they moved the project upstairs ...

 And the mask became a full doll !! When they showed me what they were doing I was speechless, they moved the urniture around to create a little papier-mache lab near Seba's bed and are using few different dolls to make all the body parts. They invented ways to keep the 'stuff' in shape while drying and it's complitely their idea how to connect the parts. I didn't suggested anything at all.

 Here Milla is showing an arm in the making
 And here a view of their lab with Seba's at work.

I'm very very proud od their project and can't wait to see it finished :)


Emy said...

Perché in inglese ora? :(

MamaF said...

Ciao Emy, non pensavo che il mio blog fosse seguito da qualcuno, non viene praticamente mai commentato :-) da adesso cerchero' di scrivere anche in Italiano :-) Ti ringrazio per la visita !

Emy said...

Io ti leggevo sempre, poi sei sparita per molto tempo...ricevo i tuoi aggiornamenti quindi certo che ti leggo :)

MamaF said...

Grazie! E' vero il blog e' stato in silenzio per tanto, spero di ricominciare a postare con regolarita' :-)