Thursday, November 6, 2008


On tuesday the Rome area ( we're approximately 20 km away from Rome, on the coast ) has been hit by an almighty storm. It probably arrived from the sea, since it hit our place around 4:00 pm (16:00 ) and arrived in Rome half an hour later.
We started noticing the sky getting dark and lighting starting around 3:00 and then all of a sudden an incredible wind started blowing taking heavy rain and hail. Electricity went on and off all the afternoon to arrive a complete black-out at 7:00 pm that lasted until 2:00 am. Luckily we din't suffer any damage but some small branches of a tree in our yard, but our neighbour got her roof damaged, in Roma a boy died and people have been stuck in their cars for about 7 hours waiting for the rescue teams to cut the trees fell over the high-ways.
Anyways, it turned out being some kind of funny and interesting experience, the storm was so powerful we just stared at the sky outside the windows for long time, fascinated by the light effects the lightnings gifted us with and when the power went off for good it was fun to lit our candles and oil lamps and tell the kids it was like in the old days or like the Amish people ( I love Amish life and have plenty of books and picture books i like to show the kids ). Following some pics.

This was taken at 4:00 pm, as you see it was dark it seemed night, the rain was pouring and wind blowing, this has been the moment the storm passed us over.

Our oil lamp. Such a warm kind of light, such a peaceful feeling.

Here one of the candle latern, this one was in our bedroom.

This is the 'useless' lamp in our bedroom. I don't know how it came out the red light, instead those lights on the ceiling are the reflections of the candle lantern from the previous pic.

One thing me and papaF noticed was the peculiar silence coming from the lack of electricity. We're so used to the humming and buzzing of fridge, computers and radio that you notice their noise only when you can't hear them.

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