Saturday, November 15, 2008

Orange juice

What you can do when kids get bored, you have 2 kg oranges and want to do some jam ?
But it's simple ! ORANGE JUICE !!!!!!!!! And you'll get an afternoon of fun, vitamines and happy kids :)
Here the evidence ;)

Seba and Gaia at work

Leo and Milla working at the ice crusher

Milla and Leo taking their turn sqeezing oranges

Mom ! Look at me !

Mom ! Look what i have grown !

Mom! Look what i have grown too ! ( ok the boy is still slightly confused ... )

Whatever big sis has, i have too ( even if i don't have a clue what we're talking about ... )

What a big eyes you have !

Look mom ! (i'm always more confused :DD )

And here my effort ! This will be my mother's Christmas present :)
If someone is interested in the recipe just drop me a note.

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