Saturday, November 1, 2008


Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something
Good to eat !

Halloween has never been an Italian tradition, here usually the holiday is today, all Saints day, but with nothing fun related to it. In the last 10ish years or so things started changing and now Halloween can be both lived as a commercial galore or as we do, a fun day, with lots and lots of previous crafting and funny cooking and house decors for the whole family, and a little walk around gathering some goods from the kids living nearby and waiting for them doing the same here. Here some memories from yesterday ....

The cake, with spiderweb frosting and green inside !

Watch out ! There's a snake on the table ! (marzipan, liquorice and silver candies )

A spider ! ( again marzipan, chocolate, liquorice and silver candies )

Leo styled for the fun !

Milla being silly waiting her turn for styling

Gaia working on Seba's make-up

Seba is ready !

Scary Gaia

Milla and Leo

Leo pretending he has double piercing on his tongue

Green slime !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seba fully styled (thanks Gaia ! )

One of the lanterns, you can play wanders with empty jars and some paper ...

Another lantern

The table is ready for the afternoon snack

The kids are ready to go. I sewed the punmpikin masks out of some felt in the morning, yes, kinda busy morning between decorating cooking and sewing, but the kids were delighted

And for dinner .... BLOODY FINGERS AND EYEBALLS !!!!! ( aka sausages with almonds as fingernails, ketchup, mini mozzarellas and black olive on top )

Close up on fingers.

Building memories for the future, happy memories, that's it. What else is worth to have, to work for and to give as gift to your dear ones ....

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had such a blast there :)

Best to everyone!!!