Monday, February 2, 2009

Being Special

Sometime i find myself struggling with a strange feeling. I'm happy of my life. I'm happy of what i do. I'm happy for the direction i started walking some years ago. But still from time to time rise in me modern and up-to-day kind of sensation : I want to be special. The kind of special that everybody can notice and gives you attention and pride. These days i felt a bit that way, you know nobody ever notice or even know how much i'm good feeling.
Then this morning just by chance i picked one of my inspirational books, you know those that you keep at the side of your bed, mine are quite eclectic, from Bible to Narnia to Everyday is sacred of Sue Bender ( hopefully my memory is serving me right ). Well as i open it, i read a quote ' We don't do great things, we do small things with great love ' Mother Therese used to say so. I immediately felt humbled from what i read. Every small thing done with great love is such an important thing. Giving love is the important part of the matter, not being noticed, not being special .... Yet i realize i can't make my whole upbringing disappear in few short years, my ego's been filled with the notion that you must do great things, things everybody can admire , things unusual and artistic, but not the simple art of everyday living with love. But i'm learning. Studying and learning. Learning from what i read, from what i see. God's creation can be the most simple yet amazingly complicated pieces of loving art ever ... ( hopefully this makes some sense ... )

This is the close up of a beautiful Sunflower we planted last summer

This is a close up of beehive we found in our yard during the summer. You can see the small bees growing inside every cell.

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