Friday, February 13, 2009

Trip to Tuscany

Last weekend we went once again in Tuscany. We always go in the same little medieval village up on the mountain Amiata, Abbadia S. Salvatore, a place we really love.
On the village there was no snow at all, but we just had to drive few km up to the mountain road to find plenty of white stuff to play with. We've even been blessed with additional snow during on our stay. Unfortunately we only spent there couple of days, but still better being happy for 2 days over then unhappy because we couldn't stay more ...
Finally in the snow ! After moving back from Finland more then one year ago we've been dreaming about snow. The kids have been so so happy !

Sliding in the snow, making angels and snowmen, fun fun fun !

Here a pic of the beautiful place we where !

And then ! Surprise ! During the night in the village we had some light rain, but going up on the mountain the rain was snow !! So the next day, in the very same place everything looked like this ( just for you to know, the village is around 800 metre on sea level, this place is approximatively half way from the top at 1300 m and the top is around 1900 metres on sea level, but we didn't tried for the top, too much snow on the street )

Driving back, this is a sight of the road, or better of the treas topping the road, is so beautiful !

And here a pic we took of the countyside and hills just driving out of the small village on our way back home. As you see no snow at all, it's amazing, it was just 10 minutes drive from the snowy place of the previous pic. The tower you can see in the pic is of another mediaval village, Radicofani, it's a beautiful place and it makes for a wonderful sight from far away as we were.

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What lovely pictures. You kids are beautiful. I received your note and will reply when I have time to answer properly in the next few days. I will send you an email.