Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello folks,
long time with no writing once again but life is (luckily ) busy and full.
Many things happened. Last wednestady my dear brother in low and beloved uncle of the foursome, Massimiliano Putrino, had his first concert. Of course we went all there and had so much fun. He is such a talented songwriter and singer and guitar player, kids were delighted, they love their uncle's music to pieces and spend hours listening and singing along his cd 'La vita è qui ' so listening and watching him live has been such a big big thing for them ( of course this was their first concert ! ) and i must add a great life lesson, to see how you can follow your dream and be true to yourself. Thank you uncle Max ! ( )
Then PapaF business is finally officially started and thank God work seems flowing his way, we're waiting 6 or 7 juke-box for next week and countless tube amp, i'm very proud of him, this week before the arrival of all this he'll have to build a wooden shelter outside to secure everything, he can be reached at his website and you can see there how he works.
Another big thing is that we have forwarded the official request to homeschool our kids. In Italy is a much unheard practice even if some thoused families already homeschool their kids being anyways legal. It's so unheard of that most of school principals and teacher thinks it's illegal so i'm quite nervous of what might happen, but i'm so so convinced this is the best choice for my kids and for the values i wante to pass them.
Tuesday in Italy is the last day of carnival, so today we'll a party for the kids at the karaoke place, and tomorrow is Milla's 5th birthday, so a week of celebrations.
I'll upload couple of pics here, but i promise i'll try to find sometime more to properly update and show you the concert and what we're doing and how we're doing.

Seba 'Winnie Pooh' with Gaia. Gaia was ready to go to a birthday party. I sewed all the dresses and i'm especially happy of the outcome. The kids loved them !
And Leo is a little UmpaLumpa ! Isn't he lovely ?

Have a blessed and resting sunday everybody !

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