Monday, November 30, 2009

The little blacksmith

Last week the kids have been on stage once again, and once again it was quite fun. This time the recital was about a little blacksmith (Leo). We have studied the job of the blacksmith the other week and they all found it way interesting especially Leo. So here how it went. (It was a two act show, outdoor and indoor. Second part has not much to do with the first one, but still we enjoyed it all )

Leo the little blacksmith at work (please notice the wooden anvil they built )

Here Leo forging a sword

And Gaia and Seba in the battlefield

Then Milla arrives riding her horse

And the four of them posing for the final act of the first part ....

The second part was indoor, our little blacksmith has also a restaurant, so the scene takes place in the restaurant

Hello ! Do you need a table ?

Yes, it's me and my husband ...

Let's check the list ....

Mmm ... yummi !!

Oh my ! My wife is about to deliver !
(and brave Seba helps his wife to deliver the baby - yes in the restaurant - )

And here mother and baby back to the table ready for dessert :)))
(of course at this point i was laughing so hard, with tears running on my face and aching belly )

And to finish the show, some music and dance

Man and wife :))))

And a little side note, greetings from Tappo !

He is part of our little schoolhouse now :))

Hope you enjoyed the show as i did !
I love love love their creativity !



Pom Pom said...

You are the BEST mama ever and the finest audience any performer could ask for! It's so wonderful to see children so immersed in play - they learn so much and show what they have learned!

MamaF said...

Thank you ! You're always so dear :)