Friday, November 13, 2009

The musicians of Bremen and much more

On wednesday evening the kids started acting very weirdly. They told us not to go downstairs or outside, because they were doing something . Every parents know how it feels when little people say so. You want them to express themselves, you don't want to spoil the surprise they're preparing for you ... but you can't help thinking if they'll end up giving fire to the house or flooding the bathroom. Anyways we decided to trust them as we usually do, and we did the right thing, since we got a beautiful surprise.
After a while they called us outside. With the firewood we collect they built a stage and they were ready to show us a puppet show they made. We read The musicians of Bremen the other day, and Gaia prepared a short version of it ( without any help or anybody asking her to do so ! ) and Leo drawed the characters, while Milla and Seba helped bulding the stage and put together the 'puppets'. Here some evidence of the show.

Gaia announcing the show

The first character entering on stage

And here the second one ( if my memory serves me right first one should be the donkey and second one the dog, but i'm not sure )

Leo is reading his part (  a perfect school project, writing, reading, drawing, and i didn't even had to tell them, they did it by themselves, call it unschooling )

Here the third character ( the cat i think )

A close up of the meeting

Seba reading ! Praise the Lord he so much need some practice reading, and he was doing it just for fun !

The fourth character, the rooster

And here little Milla reading ! She is only five and this year she wasn't supposed to learn reading, or writing or doing math, but you know what ? She wants to do all this, and she can do it ! It's amazing isn't it ?
And Gaia helping here ! My heart was just melting of joy and praise !

The end of the comedy and


Then the next day, well yesterday actually, Gaia decided to write something original, so they gathered us downstairs and performed a short comedy for us. At the beginning Milla refused to joing brothers and sister, but then ...

Gaia and her faithful actors, she is announcing the show once again

Seba reading his part

Leo's restaurant

And here leo is .... ok i don't have a clue of what he is doing, maybe practicing for joining a  circus ! lol

At this point Milla, who was sitting at my side, all of a sudden started regretting her choice of NOT joining and whispered her concerns in my ear. So i asked Gaia if there was a small part for her to play ....

....Luckily Gaia's imagination is quite vivid and sure there was a part for little sister to join !

This was the final act, with the tragic - not so much - death of Seba. It turned out quite comic with Seba arguing with Gaia ' hey ! don't talk with me, i'm dead'

So quite a fun week we had. And all the credit goes to the kids, because i'm not really in cheerful mood lately, and their constant presence is a real blessing to me. To end up this post, couple of more picture. First of all out superfun rabbit Tappo, resting while we were schooling

And then how Gaia and Seba set the beautifully the table today, after sending me away in the other room getting some rest. How sweet and nice from them. I realize only now we were in such a hurry i didn't praised or thanked them enough for what they did. How easy it is to criticize, and how easy it is as well to forget giving thanks. Something i need to work on.

Have a blessed weekend with your family and dear ones !



Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia!
I love the puppet show! The looks on their faces are delightful! The photograph of the grand finale is one to save forever! That show of unity is one they'll cherish when they grow up!
It is very fun to see your happy kitchen. Your table looks so welcoming. Such good things are happening at your house!

MamaF said...

Pom-Pom you're so so sweet. Your messages always put a smile on my face. Thank you so much, and many many blessings !