Monday, December 7, 2009

17 years ago

17 years ago i met PapaF for the first time. Considering that i'm still 33, today i can say that i have spent with him more then half o my life.
A long journey indeed. Hopefully much longer.
This was my little gift, a crotcheted woolen heart and a nice breakfast.

Last week has been very busy and this one will be probably as busy. Here some pics takens along the way :)

Leo and Tappo
( kids have just learned how to pick him up - not sure if the poor thing is happy or not ... )

Seba helping Milla  hold Tappo

Seba busy with yarn and needle, 3 of us can be always found knitting or crotcheting the spare time away :)
Guess who ...

Gaia knitting ( she has just learned and she is soo good at it, i'm very proud and happy ! )

I'm all Christmassy so i did some woolen decoration, here crotcheted snowflakes

A close up

And coloured woolen stars for the piano

And the new angels we did, the body has been made with the shape of the kid feet, the wings with the hands,
then they added woolen hair and painted the face. I think they're lovely :)

Then today we baked cookies, we found Christmassy cutters and we had to use them !

Leo eating the uncooked dough ...
And then frosting time :)

Blue frosting
( i know it would have been better red or green, but the only colour i had was blue ... )

Milla at work

Finished !!!

Then Leo and Seba decided to make a Christmas present for daddy. They went out, took some wood from our pile, cut it and nailed and drilled and what not all byt themselves ( we were all inside not knowing what was going on outside ) only with little Milla cheering for them at their side.
Of course they couldn't wait until Christmas and so soon after the new PapaF tool box was ready and wrapped they gave it to him to open the present. So heart warming, and again so proud of them for being so clever to build something like that all alone :)


i hope everybody out there is having a lovely Christmas season. I would love if someone would drop me a note. Here it's getting a bit lonely.

Have a beautiful week !



Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia!
There is always so much fun happening at your house! The feet/hand angels are so cute! I might steal that idea for our Christmas Day activities.
I think it is WONDERFUL that you have known your husband for so long and that you and he have grown up together. That is very special.
Your children are so beautiful! I love the way they look so comfortable at home and with each other. That's the good life!
Sending BIG LOVE your way!

fra said...

17 anni sono davvero tanti! buona continuazione di vita insieme!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! What lovely activities, and beautiful pictures of your kids having such a lovely time! Can't wait to read more of your posts!:)

MamaF said...

Thank you all for visiting and commenting :) I take a while to answer, but i do read daily.
Have a wonderful new week !

Blessings !