Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas is getting closer

Another week has gone. In Italy traditionally ( or at least in my area ) we decorate for Christmas on 8th december ( even if i put something up since the first sunday of Advent ). So we have spent a lot of this past week finding our little Christmas tresures.

The kids gathered around the tree ( plastic one that's it, but still we love it ) deciding what put up and where put the tree itself ( in its usual spot nowadays there is the rabbit hutch )


The kids around last year's Advent Calendar (we're not using it this year, but still it's nice and we hung it )

And here the tree, we still have some problem with the lights, no socket nearby, we'll see. The felt decorations you see were past advent calendars as well, i sewed them i think on 2006, and from the following year we have used to decorate the tree.

Now let's look around the house. I already showed you the kids rooms doors, in the next days i'll show you the light outside, i think today we'll give a look at our dining room\entrance.

Here a small desk. It was my great-grand father one. My mom wanted to throw it away so i took it. Usually i keep my devotional and spiritual things on it, with my journals, but for this Christmas period i put some music boxes and Christmas cards on it ( the coloured Christmas cards were made by the kids, i will send them this year, i think they're lovely and colourful )

On the top of the piano, two more music boxes and the lights-bells ( papaF did them some years ago )

And always on the top of the piano, another music-box ( ... i know ... )

And will you guess what i have on top of the cupboard ? ... heheheh you got it ! A music box !!!

Ok ok some explanation. I started loving music boxes as a kid, i got my first one when i was about 7 or 8. I used to save my money to buy a new one every now and then and of course my husband, gifted me with quite a lot of them, some of which are way spectacular.
Nowadays i usally get a music box for Christmas or my birthday ( in january, so quite close ) so they are mostly Christmassy themed, that's why i have so many of them :)

And then a couple of sweet sweet pictures. Gaia found the courage to hold the rabbit ( she was scared of keeping him in her arms ) and of course i took a picture of her and Tappo. I think she looks so sweet, i look at her and i imagine her with her child one day. I know i run a bit with my imagination.
And then a close up of Tappo in her arms. He looks quite at ease and comfortable.

Well, that's all. I hope this Christmas time will fill each of you with joy, peace, hope and love.
And with Gratitude. And with Acceptance.
I think those were among the precious gift Jesus brought us with his birth.



Gae said...

What a lovely week of preparation. It looks so lovely and fun filled too.

Pom Pom said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful time preparing for Christmas! The rabbit is so cute! I got to cuddle with my newest grandbaby today. She is so wonderful!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Love your Christmas preparations.