Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow pics ( finally ! )

My Italian friends know how unusual it is for us living around Rome to have snow. The last time we got enough snow to at least play for a while with it, it was 6th january 1985 if my memory serves me right. I was 9 years old, same age my oldest doughter now. It was quite a while ago. This makes snow something so highly exciting. For those who still don't know, we have sold our house and we'll be moving in two short months. I told my husband the other week, of course jokingly, that my only regret was to have never seen snow here, in our garden. SomeOne was most probably listening to me. It's like if He said ' Now you can go with no regret at all'. I know everything will be fine for us. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy the pics :)

Our friendship lemontree under the snow, this is incredible

It was barely 7:00 am when I rushed in the kids rooms ' Wake up kids it is snowing !! ' and they grabbed a jacket and over their nightsuit and run outside, not fully awake and unable to understand if the snow was in a dream or in real life.
Just the day before, during our homeschool time the kids 'argued' with Leo. He said that he had asked Jesus to send snow for them to play. Gaia, in her rational period, told him that in her opinion it wasn't enought to just ask Him, it should have been colder, and it was not.
The very next morning temperature was at - 5 °C and it was snowing.
And Leo said proudly ' You see, it is enough to ask Jesus, He will listen to us'
You're so right darling !

Our rosmery bush under the snow

The parking lot outside

Our driveway

Playing !!!

Our neighbour fence

The small palm-tree in our garden covered in snow

Snow man

And it snowed, and snowed

The acacia tree in our garden, it is in blossom already, it was quite a view

Ready to go for a walk in the neighbourhood to play with friends. The brought along buckets to collect more snow  to play :)))))

Just for you to say, saturday morning we had just a few spot of snow in our garden, and today everything is green as if it never happened. Amazing !


mamma e mimma said...

Ma quante foto!sono bellissime e che emozione!quanto mi sarebbe piaciuto essere lì con i miei figli a giocare con dove vi trasferite?rimanete in Italia?

Pom Pom said...

HI Flavia! Thank you for the pink pictures! Smile! I am so glad the children got to play in the snow! Where are you moving?

MamaF said...

Michela sono sicura che ci saremmo divertite tantissimo.
Per il trasferimento no, non rimarremo in Italia, andremo in Finlandia. Avevamo già vissuto in Finlandia per circa 6 mesi nel 2007 e adesso siamo pronti per tentare 'il grande salto ' :)
(spero veramente di riuscire ad organizzare tutto ! )

Pom Pom we're moving in northern Europe, in Finland. It will be quite a change, new language, new climate, but we have plenty of friends over there ( we already lived there for a while )and we trust this will be a new great season of our life. I'm very excited. ( ok and a little bit of panic thinking to the organization, but i know in the end everything will be all right)

Sybille said...

Davvero impressionante! Cosí vi ambientate giá un pochino per la Finlandia, no? :)
Buon divertimento :)

MamaF said...

Sybille ci credi che già domenica non c'era più traccia di neve ? Venerdi siamo stati tutto il giorno a -5, sabato avevamo più di 10°C ! E di tutta la neve solo delle tracce e le montagne di ghiaccio che i bambini avevano fatto. Ieri i prati erano di nuovo verdi e coperti di margherite ! Le quattro stagioni in quattro giorni...