Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our recordman

Leo is our recordman. He has lost the third tooth in few days. His smile is hilarious and his crazyness is over the top now :) I love him to pieces, i still can't believe how lucky i am to be his mother.

And well, since i'm here some funny pic from today. Today we had a wedding.

Man and wife ...
mmm... not sure about the other two, Leo had a shotgun and Gaia was laughing madly ...
Crazy sisters

 Oh ok, since i'm here now and i've missed so much posting pics and odd stuff i'll steal 5 more minutes to the serious things ....

Valentine day

The funny lollipop butterfly was taken from a website, but right nio i can't find it back. I'll add the details as soon as i can find it back ( sorry ! )

Time to go now.

I hope you all got a lovely week so far and an even better rest of the week.
Isn't life such a great and precious thing ?

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