Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy busy busy ... and not only

Just a quick note, i've not fallen from the planet, but beside being a very busy period, closing a long and hard season of our lives, nowadays i have to share the laptop with the children, and this makes my online time practically non-existent. I have tons of pictures to share, we have accomplished quite a lot lately, hopefully next week i'll find sometime for this poor blog.

For the moment, just a little something

This has been the last view we had of Helsinki.
It was taken from the ship for Germany, the most bitter and tearful trip we've ever made.

Gaia lost a tooth that very same day. She was so serene at that time. Her smile is so precious. The last two years put a heavy load on her young shoulder. Hopefully we'll see again that same view from a ship taking us back in the place where my doughter's smile stayed for the last two years :)

See you soon dear people !


michela said...

Ciao,sono Michela da Lucca.Non sò cosa vi ha reso così duro questo ultimo periodo,ma sono molto dispiaciuta.Purtroppo i momenti duri capitano,ma guarda negli occhi i tuoi bellissimi figli e sono sicura che ne trarrai tanta forza.un'abbraccio di cuore...

Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia!
I've missed you! The tooth fairy is busy with all the visits to your house! How's Tappo?

MamaF said...

Grazie Michela :) è vero, i nostri piccoli ci indicano la strada giusta, ed i loro occhi pieni di fiducia, amore e meraviglia ci danno la forza per seguirla !

Pom Pom ! Yes tooth fairy is busy, I am busy, it seems that busyness get hold of us ! Mostly i can get closer enough to the laptop to post ! lol
Tappo is doing fine, he send his greatings ! :)