Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy birthday Gaia !!!!!!!! Ten

Today Gaia turns ten. Ten ! Can you believe it's already ten years.
I was only 24, and quite scared of all was happening. At this time i was already in hospital ( I was admitted early in the morning ) but Gaia only arrived at 7:30 pm. Labour lasted 14 hours. When she was put on my chest i couldn't believe this pretty new human being came from me. I asked permission to touch her ! She seemed so precious and fragile I was almost afraid. My wonderful Ob Giorgio had a good laugh and told me 'Of course you can touch her, she is YOUR DOUGHTER'
My doughter.
A child was born.
A mother was born.
We share the very same birthday.
As i share a birthday with each one of my children
Happy birthday my beloved child.

Gaia's 'breakfast presents'
First one is Sandro's present .
The two of them will meet in around three weeks for the first time.

Thank you Sandro !

Sando's present, our little parcel, Seba's stuffed Hello Kitty.
Milla and Leo were still sleeping.

Finally everybody was up and Gaia could open all her siblings' presents

Here the four of them in a sleepy close up, don't you love how kids look when they're just up from bed ?





Happy Birthday


mammamichi said...

happy birthday!!! ;-))

MamaF said...

Grazie !

Sybille said...

Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!

fra said...

Tantissimi auguri a Gaia!!
chissà che la mia bimba non si decida a nascere entro stasera, festeggerebbero lo stesso giorno ;-)

Pom Pom said...

Happy! Don't you love birthdays? I know they can entail a lot of preparation and organization, but the joy that results makes it all worth it! I remember that otherworldly feeling I had when I gave birth to our first son. I was stunned by the experience. It was humbling and life-giving!

Mamma e Mimma said...

Buon compleanno Gaia!baci baci baci!