Friday, April 16, 2010

Bye bye Italy

So it has arrived. And quite fast. This is most probably my last post before moving. Before leaving Italy. Many reasons to do all this. And i hardly ever change my mind about this. But still it is scaring. I try, oh so hard, to put all my trust and faith in God. I know, I really know that He is in charge. I've been shown so many times that everything happens for a purpose, at least in the long run. Even if I can't understand it right away. So I want to keep my heart open to this new adventure, to this new season, but of course the shadow of fear, of doubt is there ... the dark corner of my soul where the hurted me, the lonely me, the neglected me is hidden. A new season. A new call. A new life and a new way. Let's go on. :)

Here some pics from the latest days. As you see i haven't taken any 'move' picture. I did it the other times and those pics haunted me in hard moments. I don't want to take goodbye pics. Just our everyday life that is changing, flowing, running ahead. There's no breaking, it's just our journey going on and on and on. Does this make any sense ?

Snow ! Leo put some snow in the freezer, but we had to take it out before giving the fridge away, but he wanted a pic of it :))

Seba watching a movie with Tappo. Yep, sofa went already away ...

The apricot is growing, but i'm afraid it won't be ripe by monday :(

The apple tree is in blossom again, and it smells heavenly

Leo and Milla playing outside

Me and Gaia. I usually don't take pics of myself. But we took this one by ourselves, and then one more, and one more and i found out is fun :)

And this is the little church where we usually go on sunday. We don't belong to the congragation but still we love to go there by ourselves, lit some candles and pray Jesus. Actually many prayers have been heard in that little church.

A statue of Saint Leonard. Our Leo loves it.

This is the entrance of the church

The little church is in this tiny medieval village. Two lazy cats were enjoying the sun.

Just beautiful. Anybody knows the english name for this flower ?

Another sight of the village.

So I will be probably be off-line from monday, for the next 3-4 weeks. Hopefully less, maybe more.
Think of us, lift us in your prayers.



Pom Pom said...

I will be praying for you, friend. I love that picture of you!

åslaug abigail said...

That was a NEAT picture of you =) I can't tell you the English name, but I know the Norwegian: Geitrams
I'll be praying for you, I know some things about moving, been moving quite a bit. But hey, you'll practically be moving into my neighbourhood =) =) I just wish I could come over with some cake when you arrive! It must be some difference in the climate, though.
I love the way you write about it, life -never ending, ebb and flow, change of seasons, a heart is fragile in such circumstances, but the Lord is oh, so good, keeping our fragile hearts in His hands..

I thought I should share this poem with you:

*praying for you*

åslaug abigail

Sybille said...

Che emozioni!!!!!
Vi auguro di fare buon viaggio, e godetevelo! non spesso si ha la possibilitá di osservare, fra i centinaia di chilometri, come cambia il paesaggio, il clima, il tutto insomma...

Mamma e Mimma said...

Siete sempre nei miei pensieri e vi auguro un bellissimo viaggio e ancor più una bellissima nuova vita,spero di vedere presto notizie del vostro arrivo.Un caloroso abbraccio tutto italiano!