Saturday, April 10, 2010

Randomly yours

Life's more hectic then ever these days. I make boxes all day long and Fabio run endless errands around town and nearby. I look forward the three months in the rental furnished apartment to unwind and finally catch up with some more formal schooling ( reading and math and english ) just to have some daily quiet time with the kids, around a table or curled on a sofa. But right now what is needed is action ! And a lot of it :)
I'm incredibly behind in my pics, so some random shots from the last 10 days ...

Gaia's new camera

Celebrating with grandma

The cake ( can you tell she loves Hello Kitty )

Dinner with Uncle Massimo ( on the right ) and Aunt Morena and our dear friends Valerio and Francesca

Creepy ! Any idea what can cause this ? In our garden we have plenty of this 'mutant daisies', each one is formed of 2,3,4 ... up to 7 !! flowers 'melted' together

Easter bunny ( I sewed them last year )

Easter basket (I sewed bunnies, and little table cloth and made the patchworked bells )

The table set for Easter breakfast

Bowling !! For the first time in my life I visited a bowling. Gaia since we're moving away wanted to have a little birthday party with her friends and she chose the local bowling place.





Yet another (Hello Kitty) cake

Boys will be boys ...

Helping out with the waste disposal heheheheh

I hope you're all enjoying life, such an amazing and interesting journey.
In 8 days we'll be leaving this place for good.
We'll be leaving Italy.
We'll be leaving a 4 years season of our life back, for good.
It could be scaring.
It is sometime.
It's exciting when i remember in which strong and loving arms I am held.
I know He is in charge.

be happy


Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia! Oh, you ARE so busy! Be sure and let me know of your new address. I'm happy for you! The cakes are lovely! Your sewing projects are adorable, too!

Mamma e Mimma said...

Quanti momenti intensi...un bacione.

åslaug abigail said...

"It could be scaring.It is sometime.It's exciting when i remember in which strong and loving arms I am held.I know He is in charge."

I loved that you wrote this!
Thanks for leaving your sweet comments on my blog in all your business. I didn't realise you were moving out of Italy. May I ask where??

MamaF said...

Aslaug so nice of you to drop here, we're moving in Finland. Actually in 3 days we're moving !

Keep us in your prayers, we'll face a 10 days journey and then the beginning of this new season of our life.