Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here we are - just a little update

Oh my oh my how much i miss my adsl heheheheh. Now we have our brand new hours for the bran new month so finally i can update some.
First of all tomorrow we're leaving for Rome, on 23rd Milla turns 7 !!! SEVEN !!! S.E.V.E.N. !!!!! and she wants to celebrate with grannies ( one at lunch and one at dinner since they had an argument that it's still going on .... you need more patience with adults than with kids most of the time ..... ), we'll be back on thursday or friday.
I can't believe my little one is seven. My baby girl was born laughing. Doctors couldn't believe it either. She was silent until they put her on my chest, then she looked at me and '' ha ha ha '' with this teethless lovely smile. Doctors ( it was a c-section ) kept saying 'I can't believe this newborn is laughing' and now she is seven !!! But well I guess all moms out there can relate. When the last one get older it's always bittersweet isn't it.

Ok now pics pics and more pics, sorry no italian tonight, i'm tooooooo sleepy, forgive me please :))

Experiments with papaF

Rubber band art. Milla did this face. Can you see it ?

Leo loved so much the visit in Radicofani he did this wonderful painting. Milla is helping out with water colors

My new cottons !! I love them, I love the colors. I love the fact that papaF soon after getting some money for a job handed me some and said ' this is for you,to get some nice cotton, i know how much you'd like to have some'
Isn't he so lovely

Milla and Seba's magnetic friends.
Have a guess where the magnet are from ;)

Our new Montessori material. We love it !!! Kids do math all day long :)))

Which letter is this one ?

Valentine's day !!!

Our three men got out and came back with flowers for us girlies. Of course I got mine too :) But I was too busy taking pics of them !!
And this is not enough. In the evening kids and papaF told me to go out for a walk. So we went. At some point in fromt of  a restaurant ( one of the veeeeery few in the village ) they just got in !!
PapaF told me while walking in, trying to be very serious and natural so-to-say ' Just in time, we booked for half  past seven ' !!!!
They really got me ! I didn't suspected anything ! The only bad side, of course i didn't have the camera with me !!
But the dinner was good and lovely !!

Well that's all folks !!

Have a super lovely week and ...

Let the sunshine in !!!


una mamma said...

sono contenta per voi!
Mi ha fatto ridere la tua bambina spettinata. Anche la mia Superbimba certi giorni è allergica al pettine...

Pom Pom said...

Hi dear Flavia! Happy birthday to your dear baby! I love the laughter story. YOU are a fabulous mother.

Sybille said...

Che bella la storia della nascita di Milla che sorrideva!
In ritardo, auguri!