Sunday, February 6, 2011

Radicofani and much more

Oggi pomeriggio abbiamo deciso di andare a visitare la fortezza di Radicofani . Personalmente trovo la campagna Toscana uno dei posti più belli in assoluto, le colline, i campi, i fiumi .... uno spettacolo incredibile.
E la Rocca di Radicofani .... ti lascia semplicemente senza parole. Ti fa pensare che noi piccoli umani siamo essrini proprio fortunati a poterci godere tutto ciò.
Il tempo oggi era magnifico, primaverile, con più di 15 gradi. Sembra incredibile che solo 2 settimane fa avevamo una sessantina di centimetri di neve.

In the afternoon we decided to go visit Radicofani fortress. Personally I find Tuscany's countryside one of the best places ever, hills, fields, rivers ..... an incredible sight. And the fortress itself .... it leaves you simply speechless. It makes me think that us little humansare little lucky beings to enjoy all this.
Today the weather was great, spring-like, more then 15 degrees. It's incredible that only two weeks ago we had 60 cm of snow falling in one night.

Narnia ....

The Abbey is so beautiful. One of my favourite places.

Before diving in beautiful Radicofani, a quick peek in the kids rooms. We let them decorate freely.
More nails and holes on the walls then we wished. But the rooms look so beautiful and full of life that I'm very pleased we let them. And some more experiments ....

Green for boys and pink for girls . I love their rooms, probably i never fully grew up, kinda miss the joyous mess on the walls.

And now...... Radicofani ....

Milla is so excited about all these knights equipment !!

The view is breathtaking !!!

The entrance

If they look worried ( especially Gaia ) is because she was actually worried for
 a small dog playing around us ....

The jail-room !!!!

The tower is almost 40mt high, and on the top you find yourself almost at 1000mt on sea level

The top !! So great, it felt like we were in a fairy tale, or in The Lord of the Ring, it has been magical

At first Leo was the only one brave enough to venture on the tower with me ( I couldn't have missed that view for anything ! )

Radicofani hamlet

Then of course as soon as we went down, Milla asked me with her lovely puppy eyes to please climb back on the top and bring her .... at that point my legs were killing me but how could I say No to her ? So back we went on the very top of the tower :)

They're both too scared of high places so usually they keep each other company ( and my bags ) while I climb places with the younger ones

Shadows of a happy day

Brother and sister

6x12 project ( six people for 12 months )

Oh no ! They've been caught !!!!


Let the sunshine in
dear friends, in this new week just about to begin.

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What a great post! I love all the photos! Such joy!