Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent Calendar

November went away with very few posting, but time is short in this period and mostly when i try to accomplish several seasonal crafts at the same time.
Here my latest Christmas craft, the Advent Calendar. Traditionally every year i make a new calendar, this should be the 5th year and the kids love it and expect it so much every year. So here it is. Along with it, it goes a small booklet of Christmas tales we'll read BEFORE getting to the calendar ;)

Here the first step, Santa's big head cut out from cardboard and painted. At this stage it was hidden in the sauna drying the colour

Here the 24 bags i handsewed and decorated. They're lined on the piano drying.

Here a close up of bag number 24, the most important !

Here the calendar hanging on the wall, with its bags filled with goodies :)

I love Christmas time ....

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