Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our week so far

Busy busy busy ! We've been beyond busy this week. Every morning homeschooling is in full gear and every afternoon and evening there re billion of things to do. But ou know what ? I love it this way !! It's beautiful having a full and busy life and knowing why you're doing what you're doing. Thank God for all this.
Anyways, some news from our household. Summer is really ending, no rain yet, but a chilly night wind has lowered the temperature a lot. The kitchen garden is about to be removed to get the ground ready for the winter vegetables that hopefully i'll be able to grow. The tomatoes plants are really worn out, full of green tomatoes that probably never be ripe. I have to find recipes for green tomatoes, every idea is welcome of course. Zucchini is dead and so cucumber, green-beans are quite tired and the sudden wind has killed the last pepperoni. Salad is almost over and basil too. Eggplants are so full i really hope they'll have time to ripe properly. I've been canning almost constantly and i'm drying my herbs for winter use. Here some pictures from our life.

Eggplants, pepperoni and herbs, time to harvest the last goodies from the garden

Learning the 7 notes in a creative way, a water xilophone :)

Every night after dinner we light two candle-lanters and we head to the boys room (it's bigger then the girls room ) and in the otherwise dark room i read to them aloud. At the moment we're reading the firs Harry Potter. The kids love this, they sit still ( heheheh not easy to run around in the darkness ) and carefully listen to the story, we discuss difficult words, we talk... then they take turns blowing the candles ( for example today was Milla's and Seba's turn )

Fishing math, Whatever i can turn into a fishing session will do the trick at the moment. Practising with the abacus, it took me a lot of creativity and a late night of work, but the kids liked.


For science we're studying the different parts of a flower, couple of days ago we completed the drawing, this morning while they were doing art and fishing math i cut the different part from coloured paper so the could 'build' the flower writing the names on every part of it.

Today's art. We talked about warm colours and cold colours. Then they had to draw somthing related only with warm colours and somethins with cold ones. The first drawing is Leo's warm colours, a volcano and a dinosaur. The second one is Gaia's cold colours, it's a wood in the night, there's a river and the moon reflect into the water of the river. I loved it.

Hope everybody stopping by had a beautiful week so far. Enjoy your loved ones, build good memories, fill your life with happiness :)


Sybille said...

Come mi piacciono questi dipinti, questi colori forti!! bravissimi :)

MAQ said...

ma i bimbi dovranno sostenere qualche esame alla fine di ogni anno? non mi pare possibile che possiate scapolarvela così "facilmente" dalla scuola tradizionale.
il tuo blog è bellissimo, mi fa sentire una pessima madre e mi dà un sacco di idee.
un abbraccio grande
Maria Angela

MamaF said...

Mi manca il tempo di rispondere, ma leggo sempre i commenti :)
Sybille grazie, voi siete così bravi a dipingere e disegnare che mi fa proprio piacere un complimento del genere !

MAQ alla fine dell'anno sosterranno un esame per passare all'anno successivo. Fino allo scorso anno era obbligatorio solo quello di terza media, adesso la ministra lo ha messo ogni anno,ma non voglio pensarci adesso :)
Perchè una pessima madre, non dire sciocchezze :) ma mi fa piacere darti nuove idee :)