Saturday, September 26, 2009

Final harvest and much more

Today, as every saturday, it has been our cleaning day. We clean both inside the house and outside in the garden. And today we took off the summer kitchen garden. Before that we harvested the last goodies

Here what i harvested today before taking off all the plants to get the soil ready for winter vegetables.
And here a pic of all the canned goods from the summer. We've been really blessed. I still can't believe all this came from a little seed and love. It's incredible.

And these pictures were taken before processing today's harvest. If my memory serves me right at the moment we have something like 8 kilos and half of tomatoe sauce and i think 4 or 5 kilos of eggplants canned in different ways, and then fruit, jams, greenbeans, pesto sauce, and then dryed herbs and frozen herbs and vegetables.

And here one of the 'little ones' waiting to grow in our winter garden

One of our peas plants.

Then while i was mowning the lawn Fabio called for me in the turtles fence to show me something :

We immediately called for the kids and we all got very excited as we always are when we find new and interesting  insects . We wanted to try to capture it alive, but then we had to poison the little thing ( we couldn't risk to let our new friend to deliver her up to 1200 kids at home, i'm sorry ). Anyways we'll keep it for a while in a glass jar to study it a little more.

Then in the evening we headed to Ostia and while we were driving to the play park we saw all these Carabinieri Horse Trucks, so we parked the car and went closer. We found out at 7:00 there would have been a parade to the main church, so we stayed there watching the horses and talking and learning until they left, at the sound of the beating drums. We were all delighted. After that we went to the playpark and then to Burger King ( a super special treat ) and while we were eating ( we were just behind the main church ) the firework started ! So we went out in the sidewalk and enjoyed the show. It has been a wonderful evening. I wish i had the camera with me, but maybe not having it let me enjoy everything even more.

We really needed a good day :)
Thank God !

Have a wonderful sunday everybody dropping by !

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