Friday, September 18, 2009

Homeschooling life

Even if we've been 'lightly' homeschooling since the end of the last school year, for the law this has been the first week we're considered officially homeschoolers. I have to say it is hard, especially since the kids come from years of 'normal' schooling, but it's so so rewarding so far. i love our unrushed days. I can hear the schoolbus driving by while i'm waking them up in laughs and again i can hear it while we're finishing lunch and planning the afternoon, that is of course homework free. I love planning the lessons. I love spend my mornings sitting with the four of them around the table working together. It's not always easy or fun of course. But i can see a change in the kids. I remember usually the beginning of the school year was my dreaded nightmare. Kids nervous wreck, underpressure, forced in a schedule, judged and pointed at because they didn't have the cool stuff, they didn't watch tv ( and still don't watch it ! ), they didn't have any kind of video games ( and still don't have ). This year they are more calm, starting acting better with each other. Loving the family life. Loving the houseworks ( ok they don't really love to do everything around the house, but still they're getting better ). Loving cooking, yes Gaia can bake a cake on her own without any help already ! They're learning to sew, they're learning to LOVE learning, and this is just great !!! I have set a routine and a sort of schedule, they're not used to all this and going from public school to unschool couldn't work well with them, but our schedule is very 'mild', relaxed so to say, we take the time we need for the lessons and it can be more or less then the scheduled one. And if someone has a little crise mid morning, we can finish the lessons later on when we're more calm.

Anyways, this week was quite full, i have tons of pics of what we have done :)

Leo fixing the homeschool cabinet

The little pet shop


Our homeschool class

Kids love the art lessons, we were colouring autumn decorations and they wanted to invite some 'friends' over :)

Last wednesday we went to the beach in the late afternoon\evening. It kinda fun, we never went to the beach during the summer ( we live 2 km away from the sea ). We don't like the crowd, the heat, being in swimsuit. But we love the beach in autumn\winter time. So last wednesday was a stormy and cloudy day and we just had to go :)

The fabulous four


Like a castle in the sand

Our flag

Leo was so tired but so happy and excited.
I feel so so blessed at the moment. I have been dreaming about homeschooling for the last 6 years. Reading all i could find. Filling my head with 'i wish i could' and now I CAN, even more, I AM DOING IT !!!! Thank God, for listening my heart, or maybe i was listening to Him. I want to enjoy this year. I want to get closer and closer to my kids. I want them to start loving the family, the house and the simple life as much as i do.
Have a blessed wonderful full week-end !

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Christi said...

That is my kind of homeschooling! I love that school room, I guess that is what it is...and I love the beach!