Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ancient Egypt

Another homeschooling week is almost done. I have to say this has been a better week. Not because something changed in the kids. But because I am  trying to change. And my thanksfulness goes to my homeschooling blog friend Sybille . She read about my struggles in one of my latest post and she sent me as a gift this book written from Carmen Gamper ''Sacred child companion'' about self directed learning. Of course in two days i couldn't change everything in my ways, but the handbook gave me of course advises, but most of all the self confidence to trust my children and my educating skills. My aim is to enjoy our homeschool days and not living them as a battle field.
Anyways, since we're studying the ancient Egypt, i got i nice idea for our art lessons. I bought some gauze, then i did this mix of glue and coffee and we used it to paste the gauze over paper sheets and give them this 'ancient like' brown colour. We obtained our ancient papyrus. Now our papyruses are drying all over the places and then we'll proceed with some Egyptian-style kind of painting. I'll post pictures of the final art work, but for the moment here the work in progress :)

A detail of the gauze being painted

Leo at work

Seba at work

Gaia teasing Milla instead of working (ehm ehm ... )

The finished papyrus.
Can't wait to paint it !!!!