Sunday, October 4, 2009


Here at home we don't watch tv at all. We have one, but we only use it to watch a dvd once or twice a week. And here at home we don't have video games. Kids are allowed approximately 1 hour a week of educational games about math history grammar spelling ... And to top all this we make a very limited use of the telephone, only useful calls. It has been hard sometime not having the 'electronic babysitter for free' but having the kids around all day long even if you're very sick or very tired. But now that they're older i can see how it pays off. My kids have a huge creativity. And they can use quite well tools that the other kids only see on a tv screen probably. After our schooling in the morning they usually head out and start working. It is fun they consider it only a game, while i consider it manual activities, so they think they're playing and i think they're studying and we're all happy :)

Let's start with the new rules for our little school-house. I took them from the hand book The sacred child companion and they are very general and only five of them, but it seems the children try to follow them :
here we respect beings and things, we don't hurt anybody with words or deeds, we disturb anybody while they're playing or working, here thing go back to their place after using them, here YES and NO are rispected.

 Seba was teaching Milla to use the hammer.

Not sure, this might be a traffic light for their biking sessions in the parking lot.

Leo at work

This is the remote control of the traffic light

Milla and Seba working together

Leo Seba and Milla working together. Here Leo is teaching Milla how to take a nail out with the hammer .

Seba with the saw

Milla trying Seba's belt. Or leo 's. :):)

Leo at work

The first ... mmm... sculpture ?!? Don't now but i like it !

Can you smell it from the screen ?

It's delicious !

The tea table set in the shelter outside

The house of the super four

Yesterday it was Milla's night

The gas station

A detail of the gas pump

Another sculpture

Milla is pondering ....

Have a great sunday with your loved ones !

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