Monday, December 1, 2008

Brother and sister

Milla and Leo are at the moment best buddies. Seba has always loved more to spend time with big sis Gaia and learn new things, instead Leo as soon as Milla has been old enough to play has been more then happy to have a younger sibling to share more 'kiddie' ways of playing. The other day they were colouring a book together on the kitchen table. They caught my attention because of they're dialogue. Leo told Milla something like' You see, if we work together we're faster' and of course she agreed at big brother staring him in awe of his wise words. I love to watch them, listen to them, as i usually say, they're my tv set :) i don't need the other kind ( i don't watch tv at all ).
Anyways here a couple of pics of them

Aren't they absolutely lovely ? Aren't children a blessing in our lives ?

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