Monday, December 29, 2008

Karaoke night - 20\12\08

Finally, on december the 20th we've had the incredible pleasure and happiness to meet in person two of the best friends we have , Mr Ed and his lovely wife Mrs K from Helsinki. The last time we met them was in november of 2007, the day before our move back to Italy.
So welcoming them at the airport here in Rome has been such a touching and hearwarming experience, and of course soon the fun begun.
On the same night we took them at the karaoke. Mr Ed felt immediately at ease and we all had a lot of fun. Following the evidences of the night :D

Mr Ed singing 'Olen Suomalainen' Kari Tapio hit from the '80s

Leo tasting a teaspoon of coffee. the best treat ever for him :)

Mr Ed and Uncle Max singing together 'Wild Horses' the Rolling Stones hit

Gaia chatting lovely with uncle Max

Milla and Mr Ed

Milla and Mrs K

Gaia on stage near Uncle Max while singing ' The Final Countdown' the Europe song from the 80s. Still she doesn't feel to sing, but she's getting closer and closer

A great night !

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