Friday, May 14, 2010

Jena - A diary of our journey ( part five )

In the morning of 24 april we left Nurmberg and after 223 km we arrive in Jena. We arrived in the afternoon and we could already appreciate much more daylight that what we're used, so we could leave for a walk in the city centre where we've been lucky enough to find an Arts&Crafts fair. The little town was really lovely, the weather was good so after our walk we got into a mall and had dinner there before going back to the hotel. Also the hotel was really beautiful, with a nice family room with even a kitchenette that allowed us some midnight tea and toast :) We had a lot of fun and we hope we'll go back there for a longer holiday someday in the future. Here some pics :)

And here a pic of our fully packed car :)) You can see even Tappo's cage and our little lemon tree :)

Here the lovely surrounding of the hotel :)

here a pic of Seba and Milla in the mall where we ate dinner

Here the view from the hotel room. If you watch it closely you'll notice how the town is divided in two, the old part on the laft and new one on the right, amazing !

So here the old part, with the lovely houses in red bricks ...

and here the new part, modern coloured buildings :)

And here some fun in the family room we were :)
Milla and Seba relaxing and having fun in the bath tube

Feeding Tappo some apple , isn't he lovely and cute ?

And here the wonderful trees outside the hotel. My guess is they're pear trees, what do you think ?

Blessings !!


Pom Pom said...

Oh, I love Tappo! He IS cute!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Flavia!
I just have one week more of school and then I'll finally send your package. I hope you are adjusting well and that the children have found some fun in their new home!