Friday, May 7, 2010

Montagna - A diary of our journey ( part three )

So on 21 april we left Firenze and travelled all the way north to arrive to Montagna, near Bolzano. We were all quite excited since we already had set a meeting for the following morning with Sybille and her wonderful family.

 That first evening we spent our time just walking around enjoying the peace and the incredible sight, such a different view from whatever we're used, mountains so high and the nature .... Also the bed&breakfast we were staying was so lovely and cozy and we enjoyed tipical food in an ancient room they let the guests use for breakfast.

This was the B&B we were staying at, isn't it beautiful.

Such wonderful flowers, Milla asked to have a pic among such beauty

And here the view, breathtaking isn't it ?

Then the next morning after breakfast we still had some minute before meeting Sybille and her family so we went visiting the church, few steps away from the gate of the B&B

And when we got out from the church, I could finally meet Sybille and Gaia could meet face to face Sandro, with whom she's been writing for so long now. They lead us on a wonderful and peaceful walk up to a restaurant owned by a really fun and nice couple with such an interesting story behind them. It has been so good to talk with Sybille and her husband, to see the kids trying to overcome the linguistic gap and play together. Such an unforgettable day.

Walking and talking and walking and talking and watching around and talking some more heheheh

The view, once again so incredible

Our table, unfortunately you can't see everybody's smiling face.

The kids found out immediately something to do, they played with the billion of bottles caps kindly handed by the owner ( he collects them for recycling pourposes)

And here the kids altogether, Sandro and Leo had a lot of fun together, both of them were quite fond of wood and sticks and tools and run and learn each other language :)

A wonderful apple tree in a flower filler field

And then it was ...playpark time ! We walked for so long, i was so surprised since my kids tend to whine a lot even for short distances, instead that day they walked and played and played some more and not even argued or fighted ! A very special day indeed !
And after that we even went visiting the famous Sandro's rabbits (or Sandro's grandad rabbits :) )
It was so exciting, some of the rabbits were so huge as we never saw them, and there were little puppies, so lovely and  cute

And then we had to say goodbye :( .
Sybille it was so so good to meet you, I'm really happy of our friendship and so happy to have also had the chance to meet you in person, it's always special to meet who's behind the screen.

Thank you so much for being part of our adventure, for welcoming us inspite the noise we usually make and our a-bit-loud-ways :)

A night view of the B&B yard the last night we've been there.

Have a wonderful day all of you dear people out there !!

Faith Joy Peace Love

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Sybille said...

Ciao a tutta la famiglia, che bello ricordare quella giornata attraverso le tue foto e parole!
Guarda, la foto di noi due é qui:

Aren't we sweet? :))