Friday, May 14, 2010

Nuremberg - A diary of our journey ( part four )

And then, on the morning of 23 april we left Montagna for the longest halt of our journey, the one that lead us out of Italy : 472 km to go through Alps and arrive in Nuremberg, Germany.
The trip went very well, we arrived in Nuremberg in the early evening, the sun was shining and we could even have a walk in the surrounding of the hotel. I didn't feel really at easy to tell the truth, I'm not used anymore to city life, and after the 4 days we spent between Firenze and Montagna where calm and warmth and friendship pampered us, it is no wonder it was kinda hard to be in this unknown city.

Here a couple of pics I took from the car during the trip :

We are indeed the children of an amazing Father. The world is so so beautiful, and it has been given us to enjoy it. We should really count our blessings, so many of them !!

And here my little ones, relaxing in the hotel after we had dinner in this 'Subway' place ( we don't have in Italy ! At least not around our old place, so this was something totally new for us :) ).
We took the laptop out and put a movie and watched it all together

As for our everyday life, we're still on the 'waiting mode' , we still haven't found the path we want to walk right now, we're waiting for guidance from up above :) and i'm sure it'll arrive.
He is in charge. It is just hard to wait and put my pride aside in the wait.
Prayers and kind thoughts are so much appreciated !


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