Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple,sweet life ....

Life can be such a sweet thing, even at its hardest. Sometimes it's just a matter of watching it from the right perspective. From the ''society'' point of view our life now is probably at its lowest, but instead I'm in peace. And in this peace I can take all the time to enjoy and give thanks for the many many wonders of my everyday living.
Today was a busy day. We had our first time as sellers at the flea-market. We had a dentist appontment for Seba ... and Seba himself lost a tooth today !!!

So beautiful !!

Then i wanted to share some pics i took on sunday. We went to this beach in Helsinki 'Lauttasari'. Much different from what we consider 'beach' but a very beautiful place with a gorgeous nature. I hope you'll enjoy the view as much as I did :)

And now look this ....

........So so so beautiful !
 I couldn't stop looking at them, and the parents ! How caring, they cared for the four little ones with such love. Such a beautiful family, many humans could probably learn a thing or two watching them, what do you think ?

And finally, even if we've been here only for two month, and we only have a very very small balcony,and the climate here is much colder then what we know and are used ... I was missing too much my vegetable garden !! So we bought vases and planted this and that ... and yesterday I harvested salad and .... bieta
(Sorry I really don't know the name of it in english !! )

I really wish all of you who read this to find the same peace and joy I am enjoying now.
Life it's not always simple. And life sometimes take us around in places we thought we would have never visited. Through less travelled road or crowded ones.
Someone is lovingly taking care of us.
All of us.

Let's enjoy this wonderful journey

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Pom Pom said...

The beach DOES look interesting. I'm curious about the next adventure for your family.