Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here in Finland this is the Midsummer weekend. Shops are closed. People head out to their country houses. From our point of view it's just a very lonely weekend with no family, or relatives or friends.
Yesterday morning the kids grabbed their tools and we went to the nearby park so that they could 'work wood', something they greatly enjoy.

In the park we found two more families. A couple with their two young children, our next door neighbours, and their guests, and a very young and loving couple with this little boy.
After a while mom and little boy went away, and the father sat just behind us. I was busy knitting and watching and chatting with the kids, so I didn't really pay attention to him, until he came to us and without a word gave each of the kids a little origami animal, smiled very big, and went away without a word.

Aren't they precious ?
This random act of kindness from a stranger just was the best thing that could have happened to us.
 An angel sent to cheer us up, to remind us that we are loved.
How beautiful is this.

Beside this, I really have to hurry up and finish my diary of the journey that led us here. Because in less then a month we're leaving again. And me and the kids we'll be parted again from papaF for a while.
We came here not sure if this would have been for good or not, and most probably this won't be our final destination. Our journey won't end here. There's so many reasons to keep going. And doors seems opening in fromt of us, so probably being faithful is the only and right thing to do now, even if this may seem complitely insane from the outside ( and often even from the inside lol ).
So on 24 of july a plane will take me and the kids back in Italy and around a couple of weeks later papaF will reach us with a ''brand new old'' little motorhome and then we'll leave for a little trip around the south of Europe, trusting that we'll be led to the right place for us to stay.
We're somehow scared of what it is in front of us, but incredibly we're also in peace. We're sure this is all for good, and our path will show in front of us while we walk.
Anyways, if you might keep us in your prayers and in your hearts in this period of our life for some more, well, this would be so much for us.

May the peace be with you all


Pom Pom said...

Oh yes. I shall be praying for you, paying attention to your travels, and anticipating all the amazing gestures of love and grace that I feel SURE the Lord will send your way.

Sybille said...

P.S. - Complimenti per il nuovo "vestito" del blog, mi piace molto!

Sybille said...

Ecco...una nuova avventura sta per iniziare! Allora niente scuola finlandese se ho capito bene? ;)
tantissimi auguri e buon proseguimento!