Thursday, June 3, 2010

Berlin - A diary of our journey ( part six )

Memories are starting fading away, I would habe loved to write this diary right away, but of course my family's need comes firt.
So the morning of 25 april we left Jena and tavelled all the way to Berlin, 254 km. We arrived quite early in the afternoon and we've been blessed once again by good weather so we even had the chance to use the underground and arrive in the city centre for a little walk. It was someway fun, even if the chaos of a big always shakes my nerves a bit ( who could say that i've spent the first 30 years of my life in Rome ? ). Here's some pic :

We were so amazed by these wind power generators, we don't have such things back in Italy, so we stopped many times on the way to give a better look to 'them' and talk a bit with the kids about energy sources and this kind of things ( unschooler life .... heheheh )

And here we are in fromt of the underground entrance, the hotel was just at our right, on that square.

Donuts time !!!

Making memories ...


Bunjee Jumping !!

The Berlin Tv Tower

From the hotel room.

We have seen so many things and so many places. Sometimes i think I'm a failure because it's ages we don't do any kind of formal schooling. But on the other hand i think the kids are learning so much of so many other kind of subjects. Gaia can go and get a glass of water asking for it in Italian, English or Finnish so far. She knows the names of so many cities around Europe. She is so interested in geography ( i wonder why lol lol ).
I keep telling myself that i have to have faith, That there's a bigger plan then the one i can imagine, and the kids will be just as perfect as they will be.

Shalom my friends.


Mamma e Mimma said...

Ciao Flavia,ciao a tutta la meravigliosa family!è un percorso stupendo quello che state facendo e non solo geograficamente parlando,ma anche per le vostre anime,ne uscirete ricchi spiritualmente e questo periodo di non scuola arricchirà i bambini in modo unico.Sei una mamma bravissima e forte!un grande abbraccio a tutti.

MamaF said...

Grazie ! Ti ringrazio tanto per le tue parole !