Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another week is over

So another week went by and as usual i didn't have the time to get close enough to the computer to write anything. This week brought many things with it. On monday we put the house on sell. So by next summer we'll be moving again, for the FOURTH time in less then 3 years .... the interesting thing at this point is that we still don't know where we're heading. My wild guess is a place on this planet, but if in Italy or outside .... anyways we have some plan we're working we'll see if they'll be ripe at the right time ...

Yesterday has been another cooking day as usual, i'll share some pic of my efforts, i'll also share a pic of Milla sometime during the week when she welcomed a new little friend of hers ... she is a funny little girl when it comes to friends ...

The last chestnuts left from those we picked while boiling in sugar syrup to make Marron Glacè. They have to boil for 3 days, today being the third, hopefully they'll be worth the time and effort

Here how it looked the kitchen stove after my cooking session was over. In the tallest pots there is broth for today, i made it with vegetables and meat so for today's lunch we'll eat them and for dinner some soup. The smaller pot is the chestnut's one then you can see the chocolate plum-cake done by Gaia and the vanilla cake i did.

Here aome Pita Bread, kids love it, it's soft and so easy to fill with whatever you want, but very good even 'empty'

And here the usual vanilla bisquits, a must here, kids never have enough of them :)
On top of all this, also 7 jars of homemade yougurt were done, and all this in the morning, so i could spend the afternoon embroidering and crotcheting and the then we went out to karaoke night my brother in law has every saturday.
We had so much fun ther even if we don't sing.

Ah ! As promised here also a pic of Milla meeting her new friend, now happily living some where in the rosmery's bush

Come here little one !

Look mom ! I got a new friend !

Pleas mom, a close up of my friend so we can see his face (!!!)
Of course dear ! (YUK ! )

Have a good sunday !

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