Monday, October 13, 2008

The simple woman daybook

Hello all lovely ladies, i'm joining the daybook again after i missed it last week. For whoever might read this for the first time, please join the fun and read the other entries in Peggy's blog

FOR TODAY...13 october 2008, monday
Outside My Window...It's dark and quite, this side of the worl is falling asleep since it's already 8:55 PM
I am thinking...What a busy day we had, kids quite nervous, lots of things to do, but anyways ( see the next point ... )
I am thankful for...but anyways i can't help but being absolutely amazed at the thought of how blessed i am. I hug and kiss my kids and my eyes get teary thinking what a big big honour i have to be the witness of their lives, and to have the chance to nurture them, and love them and hopefully lead them on the right path, and i'm thankful for my husband, for trusting me during these years of changes, from a secular career day-care woman to this simple and loving and attached mother i am now.
From the kitchen...The smell of the cookies i baked in the afternoon : cinnamon cookies, lemon cookies, chocolate cookies and vanilla cookies.
I am wearing...I'm already in my night gown
I am creating...A blanket made out of coloured knitted square. My mother knitted the squares and i'm crocheting them together. I'm also finishing my firt ever quilt ( ok mini quilt :) )
I am going... Sleeping very soon...
I am reading...'Three cups of tea' the amazing story of Greg Mortenson
I am hoping...For some rain in the next days, i'm longing for autumn
I am hearing...The kids chit-chatting before sleeping, what a sweet sweet sound
Around the house...Chestnuts everywhere from our trip in Tuscany's woods
One of my favorite things...The smell of my kids head
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Try to slow the pace of this household, i'm having such hard time to slow the kids down to a more 'fallish' and 'winterish' mood, they keep being super active as in the summer, while i'm in need of some slow days to savour.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

A detail of the finally finished pink curtains for the girls room. As you can see i didn't crocheted all the curtain in the end, i found this silk-like pink fabric i used for some fairy carnival dress and i thought it would have looked better. Also my oldest doughter Gaia agreed with me and this was the result. I don't want to sound too full of myself, but i love it:)

I wish all of you a wonderful and blessed week !

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Anonymous said...

Ciao, Mama F!

We still have not seen the missing tooth in Little Mr. L´s smile. Please send us a pic.

Your brother in arms as a housewife