Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend in Tuscany

Last friday we left for this small village in Tuscany up on the Amiata mountain. I used to go there for holidays as an infant, and basically kept going there for all my life, i moved several times in my life, but amazingly the constant thing has been this small medieval village that my kids have already learned to love. We went there to attend this 'autumn festival' they held the first 2 weekend of october. We could eat roasted chestnuts in the streets, taste the wonderful baked goods while walking among the ancient buildings and visit the wonderful medieval Abbey. We ate grilled sausages in the Abbey square, a sort of heart for this handfull of houses on the side of this impressive mountain. The yesterday, before leaving to come back, we went in the woods picking chestnuts ... 3 kilos of them !!!!!!!!! I need to find the recipe for the chestnut jam !!! Following some pics of the weekend, unfortunately not many of them, since our camera had a small incident ( fell in the water ! ) and needed sometime to recover ( we had to let it dry perfectly ).

Autumn leaves on the asphalt, past and present, nature and artificial

Autumn goodies displayed in the streets

A pic of this beautiful balcony, i can remember admiring this for all my life.

Here the tree kilos chestnuts we picked. Not bad if you think we only stayed in the woods for less then one hour. Can't wait to taste them .... mmmm roasted chestnuts and milk tea should be a good snack for the afternoon yum !

I wouldn't mind at all to move there for good. I love the simple life you lead in such a small place, the slow pace, the mountain, 4 distinct seasons ...

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