Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy week ....

We're at the end of a busy week. Emotionally more then practically but still ...
We've proceeded to make a first evaluation of our house with a real estate agent since we'll put it on the market quite soon. Exciting and scaring at the same time, since 2006 we already moved 3 times, 2 of them internationally and in only 5 months. It has been hard indeed.But still we made it and it's sure now we're much more close to each other then ever. Being 'on the road' so to say, makes you realize who are the people always at your side and for whom is worth work your fingers to the bone even if you're already tired dead. For me it's my dear husband and my precious and lovely kids.
Then we struggled so much because of our twin boys relationship with the just started first grade. For them is such a problem, Seba is great with the formal learning, he is ready to start writing and reading and do all the 'table job' but absolutely he is not ready to be away from me for long hours. Every morning he cries his heart out and it breaks my heart in pieces to let my husband litterally pass him to the schoolbus aid and drag him to his seat. I'm always to the verge of tears myself. On the other side Leo has fun going to school, but he is not ready at all for formal learning, writing and reading, he cries over his homework and already started to say he is 'stupid' and he hates school and finds reading and writing useless and boring. Thank you public school system. So i'm studying if ever possible for me to homeschool them even if basically unheard of in Italy and the school system is totally against it, with school sending police right away to check what's going on even if it's only a matter of changing school or going abroad.
On a lighter and happier note, yesterday my husband sent out his latest working effort, a vintage juke-box he restored and fixed for over a month and today he is traveling to Firenze ( Florence ) to bring another one he fixed during the summer.
I'm praying for a safe trip for him, since he wants to come back right away and i'm a bit worried for him driving alone for all day and part of the night.
It's weird being parted for so long and being home alone since in the last months he has always worked at home.
Have a blessed day, whoever might read this !

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