Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to blogland

It seems that finally i can get some moment to update this neglected blog of mine. It seems we're having hard time going back to *normal* day to day routine after Christmas time. For us Christmas time has been especially hard because of all the problems in our larger families ( on both sides ) and of course being Christmas about family, and as someone said ( sorry can't figure out who said it right now ) when family hurts Christmas may hurt as well, and of course it affected mostly the kids. We're having hard time with our homeschooling. Especially Gaia has litterally given up on learning or being interested in anything and also Leo seems to be back to his 'old' self, refusing to work. I'm trying with extra patience, but in the last 10 days we accomplished really few. Well Milla on the opposite loves formal schooling ( she will be 6 in february ) and i had to buy for her first grade books. Call this a rollercoaster ride.

Well better being short. I have a tendency to whine in this period and i don't like it. I prefer to be a 'joy finder' then focus on our problems. Here some pics of the last ten days :)

Leo and Seba in their veterinary clinic

The scale Seba built ( he did the project, asked for wood and screws and with some help he realized it )

Gaia's triplets :)))))))

Gaia and Milla

Sisterly love :) they seem to be on a cloud isn't it ?

And again, sisterly love :)

Here my granny squares, at the moment i'm crocheting them together in a blanket with a very pale pink wool. I'll show you when it's done

Here Gaia with the velvet shirt i sewed for her and the gilet made out of granny squares i crocheted for her.

And here the kids restaurant ( i took the pics just half an hour ago )

The tables are set and the plates are full :)

Ok, it seems i was wrong, probably it's not a restaurant but a bed&brekfast

Milla cooking soup :)

I hope all of you are doing wonderfully. If you drop by and have a little time i'd welcome very much your comments. Life can be quite lonely from time to time.
Have a peaceful and joyful weekend, dear ones around the world.



Pom Pom said...

Hi darling Flavia,
I bet it's hard when the children do not want to do their school work. Maybe some art projects, laced with brilliant ideas would be a nice change of pace. Reading and writing are one of life's greatest delights! Math? Well, I never liked THAT! I've missed you! I'm sure that your regular routine will establish itself very soon. YOU are so special, so open, so kind. Give yourself a little pat on the back. YOU are a wonderful mother!

MamaF said...

And you're a wonderful friend !
Thank you so much !